10 Halloween Makeup Ideas for Kids

10 Halloween Makeup Ideas for KidsAs Halloween is approaching kids get more excited and their parents get more nervous, having to come up with costume and makeup ideas. First rule here is to listen to your kid and let them decide. They won’t be happy if you will create a funny pumpkin image for them if they dream about the walking dead style. Second, you should think about the ideas that are possible to implement. Nothing can be more frustrating for a kid than spoiled Halloween makeup. Here are some ideas that can be a compromise between your opportunities and kids desires to make the most of Halloween night!



VampireVampireHopefully you’ve read some Dracula stories for your kids and they understand the whole romance and mystery around vampire images. If not, teen girls are still exited about Edward Callen from Twilight. One way or another you can suggest vampire makeup and it has a lot of variations.



MinionMinionAfter Despicable Me kids get crazy about minions. Funny and evil at the same time – they are great characters for Halloween transformations. Get a lot of yellow face paint for the base and some white paint to cover zones around the eyes. Draw white teeth around mouth and use silver or dark paint to draw glasses. Voila! Your minion is ready to go.

Cat StyleCat StyleIf you are good at painting you can create a masterpiece cat image. Your daughter will absolutely love Catwoman makeup and all you need for it is black face paint. Boys are more excited about tigers. Add sharp teeth and stripes all over the face and you will have done some unforgettable Halloween makeup.



ChuckyChuckyIf you have denim overalls to pair makeup with – you should definitely go for a Chucky image. It is never out of trend, and kids look especially scary. To create makeup for your little Chucky use some white powder and then add several scars across the face. Nothing can be easier and still look so impressive!

Edward ScissorhandsEdward ScissorhandsThis is a good old classic which your kid will probably not understand. You can show some episodes from movies to let your kid understand how cool the image is. Create the white base and then apply black eye shadows around eyes and black paint or lipstick on the lips. Messy hairstyle will complete the image.


AnimeAnimeAnime makeup is one of the most complicated. You not only have to highlight certain face features. You have to paint those huge anime style eyes to create the right image. There are a lot of fails with this kind of makeup so before choosing it make sure you can cope with it. And then get a lot of various color paints – believe me, you’ll need all of them when you start painting.

SkullsSkullsDoing a skull is simple using only white, black and grey shades. You can add variations – paint teeth or cracks on various face parts. Skull makeup combines with any clothes so it is a good choice for a last minute idea.



Monster HighMonster HighThat’s the show stopper for girls. They are crazy about Monster High dolls collection and will definitely love to transform in one of them. Monster high makeup will look attractive and glamorous while being totally in the spirit of Halloween. What’s more, you will not have to buy any special face paints – all you need for this makeup is already in your everyday beauty bag. Another plus here is the wide range of makeup ideas you can choose from – just Google Monster High dolls!

Super Hero Makeup Super Hero MakeupLet your kid become a superhero at least once in a year. Even if your girl prefers the image of Spiderman as opposed to a princess. With numerous superhero comics and movies from DC and Marvell these images are extremely inspirational for kids. If your kid wants to be a superhero for Halloween don’t rush to buy a mask – it is much more original to create the image with the help of makeup. And it is not complicated at all. For Spiderman for example you will need red, black and white painting and a bit of practice drawing a web.



Star Wars MakeupStar Wars MakeupAre you waiting for a new star wars episode as well? Then a cool Star Wars look will definitely be appropriate in your family. Darth Moll or Darth Vader are especially popular among kids (kids love charismatic villains, especially on Halloween). For Vader however you don’t need makeup, you can just buy a mask. For Moll, get red and black face paint and then practice to draw the pattern before applying it on your kid’s face.
Hope you’ll make your kids a memorable Halloween and the two of you enjoy selecting your character and doing the costume! Good luck with trick or treating!