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10 Homemade Christmas Gifts


10 Homemade Christmas GiftsOkay, since your beloved ones have literally everything now and you have no idea what to buy for them as presents, how about making gifts by yourself? Crafting presents by yourself and making an extra effort will help you express all your love and care. Also, you’ll be able to save money!

Discover the most interesting and cute last minute gift ideas and how-to guides.

1. Sharpie mugs1. Sharpie mugs
Here you can use your imagination to the fullest. Choose a pattern and colors, draw something cute and funny. It depends on the person you’re going to prepare a gift for. All you need to get is a plain mug and some Sharpies (permanent marker pens). To make the mug look even more fabulous, use metallic sharpies – gold, silver or bronze. Once the design of the cup is ready, put it in the over on 200 degrees and bake it for 30 minutes.

2. Decorative photo album2. Decorative photo album
Here is another idea for your inspiration. This is a nice DIY present to keep the most precious memories. You can decorate it to any taste using any materials: decorative paper, pencils, fabric. It’s easy to find Christmas printable pattern on the Internet or use your old family photos and arrange them on the cover of the photo album.

3. Gifts in a Mason jar3. Gifts in a Mason jar
Super cute and easy DIY gift! The best thing about it is that you can put anything you want in a jar and it will look cute! Here are just a few ideas for the content. You can pump it with homemade cookies, candies, nuts, coffee or chocolate chips. Make layers of different treats and make it look even more stunning. Another idea for this original present for your mother, daughter or girlfriend: put a cosmetic set inside (or a manicure kit), candles and cotton balls. Decorate the jar with wire, scrap fabric and stickers.

4. Teacup candles4. Teacup candles
Choose a teacup set to your taste. It can be Christmas-themed, antique-looking or just cute little mugs. Follow these simple instructions: melt down your old candles and remove old wicks. The piece of a new wick must be cup’s height + a few more inches. Tie one end of the wick to a wick sustainer and another end to a toothpick (or to a random stick), make it rest easily on the top of the mug. Now it’s time to pour a wax. Allow wax to harden about 4 hours, and then you can remove the stick!


5. DIY cupcake baking kit5. DIY cupcake baking kit
Find a beautiful basket and fill it with cupcake ingredients and everything related. You can also add a recipe written on a postcard. Pack it all in the beautiful tin box, canister or basket; decorate with ribbon if you want.

6. Homemade soap6. Homemade soap
Probably you know the tastes of your family and friends. How about some beautiful-looking, flavored homemade soap? There are plenty of creative tutorials around the web. ‘Melt and pour’ is the easiest method of making homemade soap. Don’t forget to add extra ingredients or flavors. Choose nice-shaped molds and do your best!

7. DIY coupons7. DIY coupons
This is one of the best last-minute ideas for Christmas! Direct all your creativity into designing beautiful coupons and coming up with the actual activities they offer. It depends on the recipient, of course. If you’re going to make coupons for your second half, here are some ideas for the activities: a romantic dinner, a day at the spa, breakfast in bed, movie date, full body massage. A few ideas for the family: an afternoon of crafting fun, evening out, a new pair of shoes, manicure, any magazine subscription, bowling session, movies etc. The list of ideas is endless!

8. Picture magnets8. Picture magnets
It’s a very nice present for family members, especially for those whom you see not very often. This project requires more time but it is worth the result. There are some options for the look of your photo magnets: you may create a polaroid-looking magnets or glass magnets, just try to pick the pictures of the brightest family moments.

9. DIY chalk board9. DIY chalk board
This gift can be very useful outside the classroom. Good news is you can make it by yourself using chalkboard paint! Simple or spray chalkpaint is available at any store. Find the wooden, metal or plastic board in size you need and just apply the paint. When choosing a wooden or metal board, consider surface roughness. It’s better to prime the surface first. What else? You can decorate the chalkboard in the way you like! Just enjoy the process.

10. Instagram calendar10. Instagram calendar
If your best friend is obsessed with Instagram, why not to make a calendar with your most favorite photos? This trendy and original gift will surely be a surprise. Choose 12 of the coolest Insta pics and print them (you can do it via postalpix.com for example). Create your own calendar pages or buy them at any store. Then add extra 12 pages with the printed photos. You will easily find the detailed instructions in the web. And don’t forget to use your own creativity!