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10 Modern Etiquette Rules Every Lady Should Know


Your skinny jeans might go out of style, but there are things that just never get old. Using proper etiquette is one of those things that will make you look and feel good no matter what happens. Always be graceful, chic, and a little bit sassy, exude confidence and follow a set of simple rules that will help you deal with all kinds of situations. What does a modern lady look like? Is it about dressing and talking properly or about something more than that? Here are 10 modern etiquette rules every woman must know.



Always be gracious
Being kind, charming, and generous in all aspects of life is not an easy task. Yet being gracious is what makes a true lady stand out from the rest. Whether you have to say ‘no’ to a guy that has asked you out, or want to help a stranger in need, graciousness is what helps you become a better person and be more at ease. Treat others like you want to be treated and wonderful things will happen.



You mood shouldn’t affect your manners
The people around you have no idea about your mood, so it’s always best to be as polite as possible even if you’re having the worst day ever. Try to put a smile on your face and at least pretend that everything is ok – this may even make you feel better! Eventually, your mood will improve, and you’ll get a better understanding of what other people are going through when they act all irritated and snappy.

Always say ‘thank you’
You can even write ‘thank you’ notes to appreciate the help of other people. Not only is it polite, but it also makes you and people around you feel good and appreciated. You might have experienced this yourself – when after helping with some event you receive a handwritten ‘thank you’ note and you realize that a person has spent at least a small amount of time to express gratitude. Of course, saying it out loud and in person works just as well! Being polite is one of the main rules we should all follow without thinking.




Mind your manicure
Tom Ford said it first: “Dressing well is a form of good manners.” So if you want to feel good and be perceived in a positive way, you should also look your best no matter what. It’s the thing with manicure, though, you can look absolutely gorgeous, but if you have chipped nail polish, your amazing look will just fall apart. Pay attention to details and you will always look and feel great.

Stash the smartphone
While it seems that today it’s okay to be glued to your smartphone wherever you go the reality of this societal habit is a bit more morbid than that. If you have active social life on the internet and also use it for work, conferences, e-mails, and whatnot, you should always stash your smartphone when meeting with people in person. It’s just good manners! Be present in the moment and don’t be afraid to pay full attention to your friends and family when you’re meeting with them. Your e-mails won’t run away anywhere! It’s even more important to avoid that smartphone of yours when meeting with parents and older people – they just aren’t as used to these gadgets as we are, so they may even be insulted if you’re somewhere ‘away’ all the time.



Be tactful with the people you don’t like
We all meet those nasty people who just don’t hear the word ‘no’ or behave in a highly unpleasant way. What you have to remember here is that you should always be above acting the same way they do. You don’t need to act like one of the Mean Girls, but you should try to be as polite as possible. Bearing that in mind, be tactful, but sincere. Telling the truth with a sassy smile on your face will get you further than any passive-aggressive jab ever will. After all, Winston Churchill said it first: “Tact is the ability to tell someone to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to the trip.”

To post or not to post?
If you have active social media presence, this means you often have to ask yourself whether to post something or not. We believe that less is more and it’s best to post something that really matters to you or expresses your opinion on life rather than attack people with a bunch of meaningless re-posts and Instagram selfies revealing what you ate for dinner. Let’s say, if you have doubts about posting something – it’s the very first sign you shouldn’t do it. Think about your followers and whether you would like to see what you’re posting right now if you were one of them.

Watch your alcohol levels
It always feels good to let go with friends and just have fun, but it’s one thing to get a few drinks and have a pleasant evening out, and it’s another to get completely wasted, shout your heart out at a karaoke and then feel embarrassed for a week because your friends had to drag you home unconscious. There are lines you shouldn’t cross and alcohol is one of those things you should be careful with. You never know who is watching and what might happen!



Be considerate of other people
What you give is what you get back. Be mindful of other people around you and follow simple rules like not having a loud conversation in a room full of people, keeping your clothes stashed away (if you live with a roommate), or helping a person out when it’s not a big deal for you. If you see someone acting in an unpleasant way, remember this situation to avoid acting like this yourself. It’s the easiest way to build nice relationships with people around you.

Be confident
Remember who you are and what you want to become. You don’t have to fit into other people’s molds and ideas about life or happiness. Be confident of who you are and what you do, respect other people and their right to be themselves, keep a positive mindset, and you’ll achieve lots of amazing things. We all have moments of doubt and uncertainty and that’s completely okay as long as you believe in yourself and stay confident that you’ll overcome any difficulties.