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10 Most Unique Christmas Gifts of 2016


The Holiday Season can be overwhelming for all of us: spending a lot of time with your family, trying to figure out the best gift for your mom, your best friend, your coworker, and your neighbor. For most of us it gets to the point where we just want to stop and cancel Christmas. This year you should have no fear because we’ve got you covered. The most unique Christmas Gifts this year are below. Enjoy!

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1. If you live in a warm climate or just weren’t fortunate enough to get snow this holiday season – there is no need to worry. Surprise your family with a DIY wooden snowman (even better if it is a glorious Frosty the Snowman, am I right? How adorable!
10 Most Unique Christmas Gifts of 2016_01



2. Comfortable jammies are the best! Give your friends some amazing cozy PJs (and don’t forget about yourself), make some hot cocoa, put on a holiday movie = best party ever. Swap some Christmas stories and don’t forget to Instagram the whole process!
10 Most Unique Christmas Gifts of 2016_02

3. Bake some delicious cookies and make tree ornaments out of them! Your family will be so surprised when you reach up for that ornament….and eat it! A simple gift that will bring smiles to people’s faces and warmth to their tummies. That’s what we call a total win-win!
10 Most Unique Christmas Gifts of 2016_03

4. Bathbombs are so in right now. A tiny problem is that they can get pricey. Find instructions online and prepare some yourself. Decorate them with some festive wrapping paper – your gift is going to be awesome!
10 Most Unique Christmas Gifts of 2016_05



5. Christmas tree ornaments are very nostalgic. Almost every family has a couple of ornaments they had since they were babies. Add to this tradition – create memories with something unique that will be in your family for ages.
10 Most Unique Christmas Gifts of 2016_06

6. Spread out your love for 25 days! Create small gifts for each day of December until you get to the 25th. Some cool small things to place on the gift board: socks, hot cocoa mixes, postcards from exotic places, etc. Overall, 25 small gifts and a smile for each day they are opened. Priceless.
10 Most Unique Christmas Gifts of 2016_07




7. Some holidays are harder to get through than others. If you are presenting a gift of alcohol to your friends there is no need for it to be ordinary. Decorate your beer with some googly eyes and make a Rudolph Beer! Festive, isn’t it?
10 Most Unique Christmas Gifts of 2016_08

8. Leave your family speechless – plan a secret Christmas vacation! Of course it would be nice to take them far far away but even a trip to a nearby city will be an unbelievable surprise. Nothing better than presenting a gift of new experiences to your loved ones.
10 Most Unique Christmas Gifts of 2016_09



9. We all have that one person in our lives who is a chocolate addict. Surprise them by making a sleigh out of their favorite candy bars: not only Christmasy but also delicious! Don’t you dare to take a bite – it is a gift afterall.
10 Most Unique Christmas Gifts of 2016_10

10. Grab that polaroid camera and capture one-of-the-kind moments of Christmas Day. We get so busy sometimes with our holiday decors and are distracted by the piles of gifts under the tree – having someone capturing the joy of the moments will be the perfect gift for your family.
10 Most Unique Christmas Gifts of 2016_11



The Holiday Season is a special time. We hope this year you are spending it with your loved ones, enjoying good egg nog by the fire, chatting about life with your family. Did you come up with all your gifts already? Do you plan ahead or leave everything until the very last moment? Tell us in the comments below!