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10 of the Most Charming Traditional Wedding Outfits From Around The World


A wedding is always a very special and important day in a person’s life. And in most cases you only get to wear your wedding clothes once, so people want them to be memorable. But here’s the thing – fashion comes and goes, styles change, but traditions always stay, they’re timeless. Wearing your country’s traditional dress is a custom in many corners of the world, and we’ve got to admit it never fails to look way more impressive than just wearing whatever’s in style that year. So today we’d like to show you 10 of the most charming traditional wedding outfits from around the world.



1. Peru
Peruvian wedding dresses are usually very colorful and include a lot of capes and hats. It’s also common to use bright colors that reflect light, when making the dress.

2. Ghana
The traditional Ghanaian wedding dress is also quite colorful, and actually quite special. The material that the clothes are made of is specially made and the pattern is never the same. So each Ghanaian wedding dress has a unique pattern, that will never be repeated.

3. Western Ukraine
In western Ukraine it’s customary to wear the traditional dress of your region. There are many different kinds of traditional dress throughout this region and even the country, but on this specific picture you’re seeing a traditional Hutsul wedding dress.



4. Scotland
As you know, Scotsmen wear kilts on all big occasions, so it’s pretty much mandatory for the groom to wear one on his wedding day. When it comes to the bride, she can just wear a cape or a shawl that has the tartan pattern on it.

5. Romania
Modern Romanian weddings usually include some element of their tradition, be it a flowery vest or a flower crown, but the old school, traditional Romanian wedding dress requires a lot of beads as you can see.




6. Gora
Gora is a region between Kosovo and Macedonia. The people of Gora are Muslim, but their old traditions and custom still include a lot of pagan elements.

7. Yakan
Not only does the Yakan wedding include special clothes, but it’s also customary to have both the bride’s and the groom’s faces decorated with smudge proof paint.



8. Indonesia
Indonesian wedding outfits are always very colorful and made from expensive materials. The specific design will depend on the part of the country the couple if from. It’s also customary for the bride to wear a lot of jewelry.

9. Norway
The traditional wedding outfit in Norway is called Bunad. It’s called the same for both the bride and the groom, but of course it looks different. The bride usually gets to wear a crown, so we can only assume she feels like a real queen.



10. Mongolia
As you can see the traditional Mongolian wedding dress is quite elaborate and very detailed. The wedding outfit is called Deel and it’s got a very long history, it’s been worn by Mongolian people for centuries.