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10 Things Every Girl Must Do While She’s Still Single


10 Things Every Girl Must Do While She’s Still SinglePeople, especially women, usually dream about married life, but you need to realize that being single is awesome. The problem is many people just don’t know how to be single, they even say it’s the worst thing ever. There are actually a lot of advantages of single life, but it may be hard to understand them. The most important one is you’re free, you can do anything you want, go anywhere you want, any time you want. It’s a priceless period in your life! We can teach you how to be happily single. Check our list of things you must do before you meet your soulmate. Instead of complaining and envying couples in love, enjoy your single life, it’s not really that bad.



1. Experiment with your style1. Experiment with your styleThey say a new haircut is a new life. Then why don’t you try different images? You shouldn’t worry about your guy not loving your new hair. The same we can say about your clothes, shoes, makeup etc. Experiment as much as you want. This is the only way to find a style that really matches your personality.



2. Sculpt your body2. Sculpt your bodyIf you want to find your soulmate, you need to look great. But it’s not the main reason to tone up. First of all a gorgeous body will make you feel confident and satisfied. Go to the gym, try swimming, dancing, playing tennis. There are a lot of activities that can help you get your dream body.



3. Go to the cinema alone3. Go to the cinema aloneThe idea of sitting alone watching a movie makes many people panic. But why? It’s not actually that bad. Are you afraid of feeling bored? You shouldn’t worry about that as you’ve come here to enjoy the movie, not talk.



4. Find a hobby

4. Find a hobbyWhen you’re a half of couple, you often have no time for things you want to do. When you’re single you have plenty of time. You can experiment not only with your image. Pick up a new hobby. Take dance lessons, attend cooking classes, learn how to paint, play the guitar, or even get a pilot’s license.



5. Be adventurous5. Be adventurousLife shouldn’t be boring. Have you ever thought about risky activities such as bungee jumping, parachuting, diving with sharks? Do something crazy and totally unexpected. Fight your fears! Amazing new feelings are waiting for you.




6. Travel alone6. Travel aloneWho said you have to be one’s half to enjoy visiting different places? It’s pretty exciting to travel alone. Take a trip to another country by yourself. You will better understand locals, their culture, their accent. Traveling alone will also help you understand yourself, your dreams and desires. Take this cultural adventure.



7. Travel with your best friend7. Travel with your best friendWhen you’re dating a guy you usually travel with him. When you are married, you usually have no choice. That’s why you must plan a trip with your best friend now. You have common interests and will definitely spend great time together. Book a hotel in another city or country and enjoy your trip.



8. Spend time with your family and friends8. Spend time with your family and friendsSpend time with your family and hang out with your friends as much as possible since you have time for this. Meet new people, start friendships with your colleagues. Be more social and you won’t feel isolated. These people will always be with you despite your relationship status.



9. Go on dates9. Go on datesGoing on dates will definitely bring you a lot of fun. You shouldn’t be a recluse. Take advantage of your single life now. Try online dating, speed dating, or even going on blind dates. Sounds great, yeah? Meeting new guys will help you find your Mr. Right.



10. Live alone10. Live aloneLiving alone may seem hard to you. But to stay happy in your own company is very important. It’s a pretty extreme way to realize who you really are what you want. You learn how to be independent and self-conscious. In a few days or weeks you’ll definitely appreciate your single life.