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10 Things Girls Do In Movies But Never In Real Life


Do you ever watch a movie and find yourself thinking “that can’t be true”? And we’re not talking about fantasy or science fiction. That’s too obvious. As a girl, I often think that when watching romantic comedies more than anything. The way that girls are portrayed in movies is so weird and unrealistic. There are so many things that just seem wrong and made up to me. But do men believe this? Do they watch this and expect us to be like that in real life? Let’s talk about 10 things girls do in movies but never in real life.

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1. Wake Up – Flawless
As much as we’d really like to wake up every morning with perfectly clear, smooth skin, shiny and voluminous hair and eyelashes long enough to make you fly – in real life it just doesn’t happen. Unless you’re Beyonce.

2. Outfits For Days
In movies girls always have these huge closets full of all sorts of clothes suitable for any occasion. It just seems like whether they need a classic office blouse and pencil skirt, ball-gown for red carpet, or a fairy costume for a kids party – they’ve got it all. Plus they always wear a completely different outfit every day. In reality our closets are much smaller and contain a couple of dresses, but mostly jeans and tops. Also, in real life ain’t nobody got time to pick a perfect outfit every day. We usually just put on the same old pair of jeans and a t-shirt that seems the cleanest.

3. Huge Apartment In The Heart Of The City
Have you noticed how most characters in movies have these huge beautiful apartments or lofts in the heart of the city? How do they afford it? There’s no way a 20 year old, even with a roommate can afford an apartment that cool and that big. But hey, I guess movies explain that by giving them these incredible, well paying jobs.

4. Awesome Job In Your 20’s
We would love to graduate college and immediately get an incredibly interesting, fulfilling and prestigious job that pays millions, but real life just isn’t as easy as the movies make it look. Whenever I see a 20 year old working as an editor in a famous fashion magazine or being the head of some business I inevitably scoff at the TV.

5. Eating Crap All Day Every Day
There is no way actresses who play those female characters in movies actually eat like they do on screen. Unless you’re one of those lucky freaks with super fast metabolism – there’s no way you’d eat an entire tub of ice-cream every time you’re sad, you’ve been dumped or it’s just that time of the month. Don’t even get me started on casually eating pizza in bed or having burgers for lunch. If us girls actually ate like that we’d be rolling around shaped like planets.

6. Lookin Good When Exercising
How come in movies girls look so cute when working out? They have adorable, brightly colored, skin tight workout outfits and a full face of make up. And after the workout they only have a few hairs out of place. So not true. In reality, if we really plan to have a killer workout we wear the ugliest baggiest oldest clothes we have and our hair is tied back. The notion of makeup is laughable, cause by the end of the workout it would be running down our face in rivers of sweat and we’d end up looking like the band KISS.

7. Having Pillow Fights In Underwear
Trust me when I say we never hang out in underwear with our girlfriends and there’s no pillow fights. If we actually do have a sleepover then you can be sure we’re wearing sweatpants, old shirts without bras underneath and our faces are covered in icky looking green masks, while we drink wine and shovel pizza into our mouth.

8. Running In Heels
First of all, few girls will actually choose to wear heels every day. They’re not comfortable and they slow us down. Most days we wear flats. However, on days we do wear heels, it’s got to be some special occasion, and there’s no way we’re running. If we are putting in the effort to look great and wear heels, whatever the occasion it can wait.

9. Fighting For The Bouquet
We’ve all been to weddings and you know what? No one wants to stand there and catch the damn bouquet. Am I the only one who’s usually trying to leave the room before the bouquet gets thrown or try to dodge it if it’s flying at me? Trust me, there’s never fighting for the bouquet at the wedding. No one cares. We’re all too busy trying to get as many free drinks into our blood stream as possible.

10. Having An Incredible Sex Life
In a lot of films women are portrayed having incredible sex. Like as if every single time you hook up with someone it’s so good you’ve got no choice but scream at the top of your lungs. I mean, don’t get me wrong, we do have good sex from time to time. But in real life it takes a lot longer and it doesn’t always involve screaming.