10 Weird Rules Every Princess Has to Follow

We’ve all seen more than enough Disney movies that feature Royal Families and their glamorous lifestyle. Most boys and girls have dreamt of becoming princes and princesses at least once during childhood. Yet the reality is not as gorgeous as Disney envisioned it. We admit that Princess Diana and Kate Middleton look pretty happy in their photos, but what most people don’t know is that there’s a set of rules all members of Royal Family abide to. It’s even stricter for princesses as they are living in constant spotlight and need to look picture-perfect 24 hours a day. Some of the rules are actually okay, but others are completely bizarre. Like, there’s a certain game no one in the Royal Family is allowed to play. Here are 10 weird rules every princess has to follow.



#1: You can’t get to the party earlier than a blood princess if you were born a ‘commoner’
Imagine you’ve come to the event on time, but you can’t actually come in because the blood princess hasn’t arrived yet. How crazy is that? Just imagine Kate Middleton in a situation like that. Yet, this rule is not as strict as it may sound. If the spouse of a princess is of royal blood (Prince William in Kate Middleton’s case) then she can easily enter the party and start having fun.



#2: You must follow Queen’s household rules
It’s tough being a princess in the Royal Family. The Queen always has the most power and makes all the important decisions. There are also things like when eating with the Queen you need to stop as soon as she does. Even if you still have some food left or you are feeling hungry!

#3: Forget about nicknames
As funny as it may sound, but princesses aren’t allowed to have nicknames. When you are about to take the crown, you need to renounce all your childish nicknames and use your official name only. It’s crazy, but it’s true!



#4: You can’t vote or go into politics
Well, technically princesses can do that, it’s legal for them to vote, but it is generally considered unconstitutional. The same goes for running for political office. So if you have ambitions related to those spheres, you’ll have to ditch them and find some other goal in life.

#5: Princesses need to look picture-perfect
Princesses should not only have amazing personalities, but should also look elegant and gorgeous all the time. This means you need to be well-groomed and perfectly-dressed 24/7. Too bad if you don’t like makeup because being in the spotlight kind of demands wearing it every day. Princesses have an obligation to look beautiful and that’s a tough job indeed.



#6: It’s all about charity
Apart from their everyday chores, each princess is tasked with finding a charitable cause to support. Princesses get involved in organizing charity events, make public speeches, donate money, and even create charities of their own. You can’t be a princess and stay uninvolved in charity activities.

#7: You can’t play Monopoly
Okay, royal people can be weird. In fact, so weird that they ban certain games for good. A few years ago Prince Andrew (Duke of York) decided that Monopoly was too bloody a game for the Royal Family to play. The competition got so vicious that he decided to put a ban on it. That’s what you get for being a princess.

#8: You can’t eat shellfish
Why, you might wonder? Well, food poisoning is a common royal fear, so princesses aren’t allowed to eat shellfish. And a bunch of their ‘dangerous’ foods that might make a royal person feel sick and change the schedule. Princesses are so busy they can’t spend time being sick!



#9: Give up your previous career
As tempting as being a princess might sound, it’s not an easy job. While you might think it’s all about pretty dresses and going to parties with royal people, the reality is a bit harsher than that. Being a princess is a full-time job that won’t allow you to do anything else. So if you were a lawyer, a doctor or a painter – forget it. Now you’re a princess and don’t actually own your life.

#10: Learn as many languages as you can
It’s tough being a princess, but even more so if you don’t have a knack for languages. Every princess needs to learn as many languages as possible in order to communicate with the members of royal families in other countries. You’ll have to learn at least a bit of every language to be able to have a basic conversation with them.