11 Incredibly Cool Halloween Mugs

Halloween is approaching and I find myself constantly looking for things that will make my life more spooky. You know, in a safe way, not in a “walk down a dark alley alone at night” way. I keep wandering into shops that sell Halloween decorations, baking Halloween themed cookies, watching scary movies and searching the internet for all things Halloween related. In my constant search, I’ve stumbled upon quite a few incredibly cool halloween mugs and now I want to buy them all. I can’t be alone in this Halloween obsession, so I decided to share my findings with you.



1. Bat Mugs1. Bat MugsThere’s a huge variety of bat mugs available online, but these two caught my attention immediately. Especially the black one, because no one will know if you’re just in the spirit of Halloween or are you a huge Batman fan.

2. Rose Gold Jack-O Lantern Mugs2. Rose Gold Jack-O Lantern MugsThese look incredibly trendy, and they’ll match your new rose gold iPhone ( at least apple keeps insisting it’s rose gold. It’s pink, right?)
The best thing about them is that you can make them yourself and they’re customizable.
You can find out how to get them here.

3.Skull Mugs3.Skull MugsLet’s be real, most skull mugs that are actually shaped like skulls are either uncomfortable to drink from or just look too creepy. The only way you can pull off having a skull mug at work is if you look a bit goth. Well, looks like I found an alternative. These mugs have skulls and skeletons on them, but you can definitely keep one of these at work, and look hella cool.

4. Sugar Skulls4. Sugar SkullsSugar skulls are big part of Halloween. Actually, it’s the other way round, cause the whole idea of Halloween came over from the Mexican holiday called “Day of the Dead”. The least you can do is get yourself a sugar skull mug.

5. Hannibal mugs5. Hannibal mugsTV show references are awesome and should be made all the time. Halloween is a great time to show some Hannibal love. It’s creepy as hell, yet not obvious to those who haven’t watched the show.
You can purchase these here.

6. Frankenstein mugs6. Frankenstein mugsIt’s a classic. You can’t go wrong with Frankenstein, or, I should rather say Frankenstein’s monster. Doesn’t it bug you when people keep calling the creature – Frankenstein? Have those people even seen the movie? Either way, these look very cool, don’t you think?

7. Vampire mugs7. Vampire mugsBefore any of you even think about mentioning Twilight and True Blood, or whatever vampire show is on now, let consider these. I’m talking about old school vampires, like Dracula. If you get the reference in the second cup – props to you. Buffy was the best, wasn’t she?

8. Mummy mugs8. Mummy mugsFor some reason people keep forgetting that the Mummy is also a part of Halloween. What could be scarier than the Mummy? Also, if you get the reference on the second cup, you can officially be my best friend.

9. Zombie mugs9. Zombie mugsZombies come in all shapes and forms. We’ve seen them be cute in the movie Warm Bodies, and downright terrifying in the Walking Dead. However, classic zombies are the best, so here’s some classic zombie cups.
10. Bloody mugs10. Bloody mugsEveryone can get a cup with blood splatters on them, that’s a bit boring, and also makes most people think of Dexter. However, if you get a really cool quote on them, you can keep people guessing what movie are you referencing.
You can buy these here and here

11. Creature mugs11. Creature mugsThese are actually called creature cups and you can buy them here. The online store has a whole range of these awesome cups that have a surprise at the bottom. You get spooky ones for Halloween or cute ones for any other day of the week.