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The 11 Ways Kids Have Changed: 1990s Until Now


The 11 Ways Kids Have Changed 1990s Until NowIf you’re a kid from the 90s (you probably are) then you are lucky enough to see a pronounced generational gap. The 2000s provided us with a bunch of new products, advanced technology and inventions that we didn’t even know we needed. This changed our lives forever. Of course, things now versus then differ, but they are still awesome in their own ways. Just check out the gallery and prepare to feel old.



1. Gadget addiction.1. Gadget addiction. About 20 years ago, we had to use at least 5 different devices for our needs: Game Boys with their poor quality pixelated screens and repetitive background music, Nintendo’s (remember how you had to blow in our Nintendo games for them to work correctly?), Hit Clips with ultra-low-fi mono one minute clips of the most popular songs (instead of new multifunctional iPods), Tamagotchi pets, or freaking Tetris of course! Now any kid can just download applications and games to their smartphones, tablets or laptops (let’s be honest, every kid has a smartphone now).
But still, 90s kids didn’t depend on these things. It was much more fun to play outside with other children! There were plenty of amazing outdoor games to enjoy and children tried to stay outside as much time as possible until the streetlights came on. Now, instead of hide-and-seek, football or Simon Says they stay inside playing video games on powerful gadgets.



2. Barbie and some old Disney princesses2.Barbie and some old Disney princesses are no longer the most popular characters among girls. More and more kids of today understand that Barbie doll promotes a negative body image and sexist stereotypes. Her unhealthy and unnatural body parameters don’t meet with reality, as well as Disney princesses’ tiny waists and perfect hair daily. The characters scream “girl, you just have to look like this to get everything you want and get any hot guy (or prince!) you like”. That’s when the danger starts.
It’s hard to believe, but Barbies and Disney princesses have become the real reason why low self-esteem exists with children. Fortunately, kids of today prefer more “strong and independent” female characters, like Princesses Elsa and Anna – girls with more substantial female leads.

3. Brands and clothing.3. Brands and clothing. If you’re a true kid of the 90s, you probably miss your bright colored baggy jeans or overalls with one strap hang open, flannel shirts and platform sneakers, Sketchers, Dr. Martens boots (Grunge!) or Reebok pumps. You wore your fave outfit for a few years in a row, and you thought you looked cool!
Do you know what is cool now? The latest Chanel collection for kids will become out-of-date only a half a year later to be gently replaced with new fashionable trends. This is crazy.



4. Music.4. Music. Just admit it, the music we loved was… Different. Our generation listened to sweet songs by ‘N Sync, Backstreet Boys, and Hanson. We enjoyed watching exciting Spice Girls’ “Spiceworld Tours” in the late 90s, we loved cute and innocent Britney, not the bald one. Yes, hip-hop was a hundred times better back in the 90s!
Let’s see what we have now. A lot of people sincerely hate the music these days. We are too tired of Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and One Direction and have all the rights to consider this decade’s music the worst. You know why.



5. TV shows and cartoons.5. TV shows and cartoons. Probably the best thing in the 90s television was the absence of reality shows like Jersey Shore. Bet you surely remember the Rugrats, Double Dare, Nick Arcade, Pete & Pete, Legends of the Hidden Temple and more. Television back then was more family-oriented and had a lot of useful messages.


6. VHS tapes.6. VHS tapes. Kids now never experienced the struggle of wind-up VHS tapes. If you’re hearing the unlikely noise coming from the VHS recorder, your life is over. All your favorite Alf and Simpsons episodes are just gone. Or do you remember taping a TV show you loved over a family home video by accident? I still remember my dad’s angry face.



7. Getting in touch with friends.7. Getting in touch with friends. Yeah, you used to hang out with your friends for days, have a sleepover and talk to each other face to face, not via Facebook or cellphone (still better than messaging). You had to go to your friend’s house to find out if he was at home. Isn’t that weird? The children of today are too spoiled with social networks and unstoppable chatting. They barely look up from the smartphones screen while hanging out with their friends. Do those meetings even make sense?



8.8. Every kid in the 90s dreamed of getting slimed or pied at Nickelodeon studios. If you know, what it means, you’ll agree that this deserves a special paragraph. The most famous and best Nickelodeon game show of all time, “Slime Time Live” invited select members to strap themselves into a chair and answer questions. If the visitor answered correctly, they would get a bucket (or more) of slime poured on them. Also, any member, at random, could be pied in the face on live television. So insane! But you loved it.

9. Parent’s punishment.9. Parent’s punishment. Remember, when you were punished by your mom and dad and told to stay in your room? You hated this. But a kid’s room is no longer a calming place and it has probably everything to entertain a child in isolation. Now parents try to take away all forms of entertainment but usually have a hard time remembering every single device. Punishment fail.



10. Dial-up internet access.10. Dial-up internet access. Kids now have no idea what it feels like to wait for dial-up internet connection. Downloading the whole music album via your smartphone somewhere in a dark forest? You’ve got to be kidding. Streaming endless videos with cats in high quality? Forget about it. AOL (America Online) was a real struggle. It took about 3 minutes to get signed in. When you were at the final step, you were cheering. If your mom needed to make a phone call, you had to wait until she hung up, and you could restore the Internet connection and then proceed to download your favorite song taking up an additional 2 hours. The sound of it, alone, is frustrating.



11.11. Was there even life before Google? When we wanted to find out anything, we asked our parents, teachers or friends and believed them. Now it’s better to Google first. Need to do research for school? Here are thousands of books – all yours. Kids these days will never understand that libraries serve more purpose than collecting dust particles.