12 Simple Ways To Improve Your Life Right Now

Improving your life doesn’t have to be about big steps and crazy makeovers. You can go on a 10-day meditation retreat (e.g. Vipassana meditation) and see where it takes you, or you can start changing your life bit by bit, starting with small easy things that take almost no effort to change, but have a great impact on your life. They range from going to sleep a few hours earlier to watching inspirational movies and videos that can change the way you view life. Here are 12 simple ways to improve your life right now.



Go to sleep earlier tonight
It’s easy to completely miss your bedtime because your favorite TV show released a new season or you need to finish up that stack of laundry that’s been waiting your attention for days. But you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of having a sleeping routine – a few hours that you take away from it will make you lose focus the next day, increasing stress levels and irritability. Don’t believe? Try going to bed earlier today and see how you feel!



Be present in the now
The rhythm of modern world is all about rushing and trying to get as much things done as possible. That makes us always look ahead, most of the time missing on the things that are here right now. Enjoy every moment you’re living, whether it’s a short walk in the park that ends up with a cup of freshly brewed coffee, or switching off your phone and just spending a whole day with friends without the distraction of social media. Happiness is in the small things!


Declutter your space
Getting rid of things you don’t use anymore and simply organizing your space – the one you live in, sleep in, and work in, can bring a lot of positive energy into all your activities. Declutter your drawers, thoroughly go through your wardrobe, and get rid of things that no longer fit, manage your books, kitchen utensils, and, yes, even the space inside your laptop! You’ll feel so much lighter afterwards.



Create a morning routine
If you’re one of those people who just crawl out of bed and straight into the kitchen for the morning cup of joe – we’re not here to judge. But it will be so much better if you manage to free up at least half an hour to let yourself ease into the day. A light 15-minute yoga routine or a few exercises paired with homemade breakfast (try one of these easy 3-ingredient recipes ) – and your day will have a completely different rhythm!


Enjoy some fun workout
Exercising doesn’t have to be a burden, you just need to find something you really enjoy. Psychologists confirm that physical activity keeps not only your body healthy, but your mind as well. If you can’t bear the thought of going to gym, try dancing or go cycling with your friends every weekend. Even walking around your neighborhood is a good exercise!



Be grateful
Instead of focusing on the things you don’t have, be it material things, knowledge, or even a boyfriend, think more positively and concentrate on what you do have. Being grateful makes you feel better and that, in return, attracts more positive energy into your life. Be thankful to what you get, appreciate the people in your life, and don’t forget to tell them about it. What you give is what you get!


Watch inspirational movies
There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a romcom or a thriller from time to time, but it can really make a difference if you watch inspirational movies with deep, philosophical, and spiritual context. They help you get a new perspective on life and sometimes that’s all it takes to instantly feel better.



Learn to let go of control
It’s impossible to control everything, especially when it concerns other people, so you should learn to accept and let go. Focus on yourself and things that depend on you and trust that the rest will work out the best way possible. Spend your energy on what you can actually do!


Be kind
Be kind to yourself, other people, plants, animals – everyone! Modern society lacks kindness and compassion, and these are the things that really make you feel good even when everything seems to be falling apart. Forgetting about yourself even for a few minutes and doing something good for another person, however small, will give you a sense of accomplishment and a feeling that you’ve made this world a better place. Nothing can quite compare to that!



Visualize your life
Sometimes creating positive intention is all it takes to reach success. It works in sports, so why not with the rest of our lives? Our thoughts and intentions create the reality we live in, so it’s only wise to visualize the best for us. You can clarify what you want by writing out your goals in life and picking the most important ones. It’s also good to start your day with positive statements – write them on a board or a fridge in the kitchen as a positive reminder that your life is wonderful and will become only better from now on.


Burn some bridges
Just as it is important to declutter your space, your relationships also need organizing! You might have noticed by now that some people just take too much of your energy, not giving anything back in return. With others you might have drifted apart to the point of no return. There’s no reason to drag all these people around – it’s time to cut some ties and let them go. You need to build meaningful relationships that are good for you!



Don’t be too serious
Being too serious about yourself and life in general will only cause you stress and anxiety. Lighten up! Have more fun, go out, start new hobbies, travel, make new friends, be reckless and, sometimes, ruthless, and don’t be afraid to make fun of yourself and your failures. Be proud of your success stories, but don’t get arrogant, be easy-going, but not irresponsible. You are so many things and can be much, much more!