15 Amazing Gifts for Coffee Lovers

There’s a perfect coffee for everyone. Some like their coffee black, because they like the taste, or because that’s what helps them wake up in the morning. Others prefer a splash of milk and some sugar. All of us are guilty of having an occasional Starbucks coffee, with tons of whipped cream, milk, sugar, and a million other toppings. The point is – coffee is life. And if you have a friend (or you are that friend) who loves coffee and you want to get them a gift they will love – you’ve come to the right place. Especially for you we’ve compiled a list of 15 amazing gifts for coffee lovers.



1. Let’s start with the obvious. Everyone needs a good coffee mug, and we bet everyone will find this one is very relatable.



2. Every coffee lover probably has a French press already. But why dirty more dishes than needed. This coffee mug that’s also a French press eliminates that problem. Less dishes – more coffee.



3.Unless you’re a master of adulating and have your sh*t together all the time, you probably keep your coffee in a bag it came in and just eyeball the amount of coffee you need for a perfect cup of Joe. Well, not anymore. This amazing measuring spoon/clip will be a life-changer for you.

4. Who could say no to a cat shaped marshmallow? That’s right – no one. Doesn’t that just look like the cutest cup of coffee you’ve ever seen?



5. Coffee isn’t just good for waking you up, it’s also a great way to rejuvenate your skin and add a bit of glow to your complexion, so a coffee scrub is always a great idea.

6. Jewelry is always difficult to pick as a gift. What if the person doesn’t like the design? But we’re talking about coffee lovers here, so this elegant coffee bean necklace will definitely be appreciated.



7. You can never have enough tote bags. You need them for shopping, for carrying around instead of a handbag, and of course for showing off your love for coffee.



8. We can all appreciate a good phone case, but when it’s coffee themed – that’s even better. Seriously, look at this one. Isn’t it just gorgeous?

9. A true coffeeholic needs a secret emergency stash of coffee and this might be the coolest one.



10.Some morning we’re just too lazy to make coffee in a French press, we just want to push a button and be done. This is where this awesome single brew coffee machine comes in. It words both with capsules and ground coffee.

11.When you’ve had a bit too much coffee and you need to calm down, this amazing coffee themed coloring book might come in handy.



12.Pins are in fashion these days and they’re a great way to accessorize and add a bit of character to your outfit. So why not let the world know how much you love coffee by getting this cute coffe pin.



13. It’s not long till New Year’s and everyone needs a new 2017 calendar. This one looks like a perfect choice for coffee lovers.

14.A true coffee lover will appreciate a good coffee print. Something like this would look great on a kitchen wall.



15. If you hate coffee cup rings all over your table, and you love cats – these awesome coasters will just make your day.