15 Phone Wallpapers For A Real Badass Girl

Raise your hand if you think your cellphone is like an extension of yourself. When you lose it you feel like you’ve lost a limb. When it runs out of charge it feels like your best friend abandoned you. Accidentally dropping it screen down is literally the worst feeling ever. You get the picture, right? Our cellphones are very important to us. To those born in the 90s it’s difficult to imagine what life was like without cellphones. We do everything on our phones. We text, we check Facebook and Twitter, we post pictures on Instagram. We also like to decorate our phones with cool cases, but you know what else is a neat idea? Personalizing our phones with cool wallpaper images. So we’ve compiled 15 awesome phone wallpapers for real badass girls. Take a look and feel free to use the ones you like best.



1. Pretty and feminine at a glance, this floral background really does pack a punch once you take a proper look.



2. You can’t always be nice, sometimes you’ve got to turn your b*tch mode on.

3. You’re a queen and you should know that. But for those times you’re feeling down, this background is a nice reminder.

4. Can’t decide what image to go with or what quote you like best? Why not use this one, it’s got all the good things.



5. There’s too many creeps around these days. Girls gotta be prepared.



6. What a cute girl, right? Well read the text.

7. Too busy for words? Gestures will do.

8. A nice reminder that “fighting like a girl” isn’t embarrassing. Mulan was a freaking badass.



9. Being a girl in the office isn’t easy. You gotta think like a boss to get ahead.



10. What can we say? True dat.

11. Who doesn’t love Beyonce, am I right? She’s badass as hell.

12. Who cares? Not you, right?



13. When people say stupid stuff like “why do you wear so much makeup?” just tell them you’re at war and show ‘em this image.



14. Not all superheros are male. Girls can be superheroes too, and they do it in heels.

15. Because you’re badass enough not to blend in with the crowd.