15 Reasons Why Fall Rocks

15 Reasons Why Fall RocksI love Fall. I truly admire this season and I don’t know why all people feel so in angst about fall stepping in. I guess they are more afraid of summer ending and of inevitability of gray and of the cold winter that replaces fall. But the fall itself is marvelously different – it’s wildly colorful, delicious and coldly invigorating. Everything that is of no use and of no interest in summer regains its value and creates coziness in fall. This season is unique and it definitely rocks. Here’s why:



1. Back to school and new beginnings1. Back to school and new beginnings
We used to consider the beginning of the year to be in January. But I think Fall (September to be correct) is a starting point. Children start their new courses at school, students return to colleges and adults rouse themselves after the summer vacation season and set new goals and accept challenges.



2. The music of rains and nostalgia2. The music of rains and nostalgia
I personally find nostalgia a positive feeling. If you have something to be nostalgic about it means you spent a great summer. Why regret? There will be new adventures and travels, but now it’s time to think over your life and plan your future sitting in a cozy chair near the window, listening to the melodic music of the rain.

3.Cozy knit clothes and wellingtons3.Cozy knit clothes and wellingtons
In fall we fell a constant need for warmth. Soft loose-fitting woolen sweatshirts and volume scarves will help save the warmth and coziness. It’s an ideal for this season. If to combine with your favorite bright fall weather boots and comfortable pair of jeans it simply pushes you to leave your house and welcome the new season.



4.Hot tea, coffe, cocoa4.Hot tea, coffe, cocoa
Finally hot coffee is a true pleasure. There are other options as well – tea, cocoa or just a plain milk with honey – these drinks have their own unique taste in fall. By the way, exactly during the fall season comes a great desire to try new tastes, to make experiments – to find new herbs for herbal teas or to add spices to coffee, to melt marshmallows or ice-cream in hot cocoa or maybe to add some jam to hot milk. Don’t forget about mulled wine and other delicious drinks.



5.TV shows and movies5.TV shows and movies
Not only pupils are back to their school schedule. Many of your favorite TV shows were on summer hiatus and very soon you’ll be able to watch the long awaited continuation of your favorite stories. There is no lazier time for watching your favorite movies and TV shows than fall. Black-and-white films, intricate detective stories, charming comedies or love stories – everything will come together for a great evening movie get-together.

6.Pumpkin season6.Pumpkin season
It’s no secret how useful pumpkin is – it contains a lot of vitamins responsible for our health and high spirits. Cook soups, pies or even coffee to nourish your body. By the way, there are many popular recipes for using pumpkin for skincare treatments. If you are fond of such things, do not miss the beginning of the pumpkin season, when its beneficial properties are at their peak. And I think I’ll bake a pumpkin pie and will buy a cup of Starbucks pumpkin spice latte.



7.Halloween and Thanksgiving7.Halloween and Thanksgiving
Speaking of pumpkins, one of the brightest and most mysterious festivals during the year is Halloween. The excitement of preparation and decorating your house may help lighten your monotonous workdays. Along with bright and funny Halloween, there is also homy and thoughtful Thanksgiving. The day that gives you time to think what you are grateful for and feel support and love of your family.



In a bout of nostalgia you may look through your old favorite stills and compose a new photo albums using segments of the old ones. Or make up whole new albums showcasing the fall scenery which is the perfect excuse to get shooting with your good camera. What fun!

9.Candles, lights and fire9.Candles, lights and fire
Fall is all about atmosphere. To create the right one use candles and lights. Decorate your house with all sorts of light, or while you are on a picnic or a forest walk make a bonfire to bask and roast some marshmallows.



10.Inspiring fall colors and falling leaves commonly known as 'foliage'10.Inspiring fall colors and falling leaves commonly known as ‘foliage’
Waiting for the golden fall is no less exciting than waiting for summer. This stunning turquoise sky, which is so beneficial to contrast with the yellow color of the leaves! And the clear blue water. Even depressing gray clouds are beautiful – they have so much texture and the power of the elements! The fall palette is not as colorful, but it contains amazing colors, there is so much transparency and freshness, and it seems to me, they are no less inspiring than the spring colors.



11.Vitamin boost11.Vitamin boost
Pumpkins, ginger, walnuts, beets, pomegranates, cranberries, grapes and apples, apples, apples. The fall is a season of vitamins which may nourish your body, help boost immunity, slow aging and prepare your body to fight with viruses.

12.Forest walks and picnics12.Forest walks and picnics
The forest has its own character and mood. Its own smells and sounds which change according to the season. In fall the forest is quiet and calm. This silence lulls and soothes. It brings a sense of peace. Plus, there are no annoying flies and mosquitos.



13.Plans for future trips13.Plans for future trips
Fall is the perfect time to book tickets to visit your parents for winter holidays or plan and book a perfect cheap trip for next summer. Planning your future trips will help you fight the blues as planning an adventure is no less exciting than an adventure itself.



14.Time for yourself14.Time for yourself
It’s useful, pleasant and productive. To drink hot cocoa, to open your creative side, to craft something handmade, to sort your closet, to do yoga, to start a diary, to listen to inspiring music, to learn salsa, to bake a new pie…etc.



15.Books with new lifes and stories15.Books with new lifes and stories
Those who love to read, know how nice it is to wrap yourself in a warm cosy blanket with a good book in one hand and with a hot drink in the other. To imagine completely different worlds and other people’s lives, experiencing them through the characters. In fall you perceive new stories in different ways.