17 Feminist Costume Ideas For Everyone Who Doesn’t Want To Be A Sexy Nurse

1. Furiosa from “Mad Max”1. Furiosa from “Mad Max”
For those who have a bit more of a rebellious streak and are down to go the androgynous road, this is the coolest costume you could choose. You might have to throw on a bald cap, don a metal arm, and dust your face with more than a little dirt, but the awe-inspiring result will be worth it.



2. Katniss from “Mockingjay”2. Katniss from “Mockingjay”
Kataniss is a she-warrior that was brought to life by Jennifer Lawrence. Can you bring her to life in your own rendition? Style your hair in a thick braid and get your hands on a bow and arrow ASAP, because you’ll need to call first dibs on this brave chick.

3. Leslie Knope from “Parks & Recreation”3. Leslie Knope from “Parks & Recreation”
The perfect time to break out a Knope 2012 pin, girl scout attire, and a plate of waffles. Leslie is one of TV’s only feminist political heroes, and we should pay homage to that. Dress up like her in the girl-power episode where she takes ambitious young girls camping and shows them how to empower themselves and others.



4. Pussy Riot4. Pussy Riot
For the rebel girls who have a statement to make, and won’t back down. Rock the punk band’s usual attire of a colorful ski mask pulled over your face, and a bright body stocking over a dress as one of the biggest feminist heroes we’ve had in the past five years.

5. Lisa Simpson5. Lisa Simpson
You might forget this throwback underdog of The Simpsons. We remember marge for her high blue hair, but we remember Lisa for being a young feminist role model, with both serious sax skills, and intellect. Get that red dress paired with pearls that she was always wearing, a wild yellow crown of hair, and a fake saxophone.



6. Coco Chanel6. Coco Chanel
People might not think that a fashion icon could be a feminist, but Coco was one of the first toadies to endorse menswear being integrated into what women wore. She liberated us from the corset, and we can celebrate her with some pearls and a good quilted suit.

7. Candice and Tony in Portlandia7. Candice and Tony in Portlandia
This is the funniest costume to do if you have a partner in crime this Halloween. Dress like the feminist bookstore lesbians from the hilarious skit show “Portlandia” by wearing a sullen expression, a long grey wig, glasses, and some feminist literature.



8. Joan of Arc8. Joan of Arc
Channel your inner warrior with a chainmail hooded dress and edgy studded cuffs. Joan of Arc is a heroin and saint with a rock n’ roll style – one of the first female warriors. Get realistic a shield and a sword for an authentic feel.

Style: "Mad Men"9. Peggy Olson
In Mad Men, the women don clothes that are both classy and demand respect, as they’re one of the first of their gender to venture into the business world. Find out how to get that flicky hair just right and get the perfect vintage floral dress.



10. Kimmy Schmidt from “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”10. Kimmy Schmidt from “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”
Kimmy Schmidt encourages us all to be unbreakable and courageous, as proven by her show where she’s the sole survivor of a group of hostages. All it takes to look like Kimmy is an overly bright outfit with hot pink pants and a red wig.

11. Maleficent11. Maleficent
Who doesn’t love a good Angelina Jolie costume? Update your tomb-raider one with a more sweeping, evil look like she rocks in Maleficent. With a good makeup job and prosthetic cheekbones, all you’ll need is a lot of black draping and a set of horns. Let out your darker side with this outfit.



12. Queen Elizabeth I12. Queen Elizabeth I
This can be kind of elaborate, but it’s definitely a way to make a dramatic entrance and command attention. Queen Elizabeth’s Renaissance attire is literally dripping swag, with a red voluminous skirt, done-up curls topped with a crown, and an embellished collar.

13. Daria13. Daria
Everyone’s favorite sassy and sarcastic cartoon character can come to life in this costume that Katy Perry rocked last Halloween. It’s a hilarious throwback to the 90’s that’s easy to accomplish with a green jacket, brown wig, glasses and a dry sense of humor.



14. Rosie the Riveter14. Rosie the Riveter
This is an awesome matching mother-daughter costume. Rosie, a hard worker in WW II, is proof that women are some tough cookies, and can get a little dirty just like the boys. With the right hair pouf, denim shirt and red bandana, you can emulate her look easily.

15. Amelia Earhart15. Amelia Earhart
This brave feminist is the most famous aviator of all time. Celebrate her ferocious determination by picking up an aviator hat and a pair of goggles. Add a touch of elegance with a printed silk scarf, finished off with leather moto pants. You have room to get a little edgy here.



16. Frida Kahlo16. Frida Kahlo
Frida Kahlo is a Mexican revolutionary artist who is famous for being a communist badass and not caring what anyone else think. Anyone who knows about her unibrow can attest to that. With her equally memorable crown of red roses in her hair and a bright printed full-length dress.



17. Cleopatra17. Cleopatra
For everyone who thinks Beyoncé is a queen, this is an actual queen. Talk about dominating a room. Apply a dramatic cat eye and silky robes for a luxurious costume that stays classy and keeps you empowered while still letting you shine.



18. Angela Davis18. Angela Davis
Angela Davis and the Black Panthers are pretty much synonymous with each other. She is an iconic academic and counterculture political activist since the 1960’s. She’s way more fierce than any pop-star you could dress up as, so grab your megaphone and bell bottoms and get ready to liberate yourself on the 31st!