8 Celebrities With a Heart of Gold

Becoming famous isn’t an easy task. It takes a lot of talent, effort and dedication to climb to the top and become a celebrity. But once you’re finally there it’s easy for celebs to just live the dream life and forget about the troubles that they no longer have to deal with. After all, they’ve got it made, they can just lounge around their swimming pool, sipping a cocktail, reaping the benefits of the celebrity life they worked hard to achieve. They could just spend all their money getting themselves extravagant cars, houses, helicopters and private islands, and a lot of them do just that. But there are exceptions. There are celebs who choose to donate their money to charities or spend it on others, funding the causes they believe in. These are the celebrities with a heart of gold.



1. Ellen Degeneres
Ellen Degeneres is really generous when it comes to donating her time and money to good causes. She’s a big believer in animal rights and supports a lot of charities that help animals, one of them being The Gentle Barn, which provides homes to abused animals. She has supported around 50 charities, the most notable ones being the Elton John AIDS Foundation, Artists Against Racism, Children’s Health Fund, Everyone Matters, Feeding America and The Trevor Project. She also always make sure to set aside time on her show to feature people who need help and raise money for good causes. She once even dedicated a whole season of her show to helping viewers in need. She’s also no stranger to surprising people in need with gifts and huge money certificates to help them out.

2. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have lot on their hands, what with managing their busy lives and taking care of their many children. But they always find time to work with charities and donate money to causes they believe in. They even created their own Jolie-Pitt Foundation, that’s dedicated to eradicate extreme rural poverty. Each year they donate millions of dollars to various charities, including but not limited to Doctors Without Borders, Human Rights Watch, SOS Children’s Villages, Kids In Need Of Defense, Cancer Schmancer Movement and Women in The World Foundation.

3. George Clooney
George Clooney might have a reputation of being a prankster among his costars, but he also has a heart of gold. He’s well known for supporting multiple charities like Save The Children, Red Cross, Oxfam, Stand Up to Cancer, Make Poverty History and many others. He even famously founded an organization with his Ocean’s 11 co-stars called Not On Our Watch, which aims to stop the genocide in Sudan. He was even arrested by the Sudanese police for campaigning for human rights in Sudan. He doesn’t’ just throw money around, he truly believes in what he does.

4. Emma Watson
Emma Watson is only 26, but she’s already done so much to help those in need. She’s passionate about human rights and gender equality. You’ve probably heard about her HeForShe campaign. She’s also the UN Women Global Goodwill Ambassador. Emma has been involved with the promotion of girls education for years and she is a huge advocate for gender equality and female empowerment. Emma is also not a stranger for small acts of kindness and often goes out of her way to make time for her little fans and make their day.

5. Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves might be a superstar thanks to the success of the Matrix, but life hasn’t been easy for him. He’s had his share of grief. First his parents divorced when he was only three, his best friend died of drug overdose at the age of 23, then he’s had to deal with the death of his child, which put an end to his relationship, and shortly after, his girlfriend died in a car crash. That seems enough to lose faith in humanity, but Keanu didn’t. He’s known as one of the nicest people in Hollywood. He constantly takes paycheck cuts in favor of other people, he once gave away 80% of his paycheck from the Matrix to the cast and crew of the movie because he felt they deserved it. He’s often seen riding the subway instead of driving a car and he’s no stranger to hanging out with homeless people. He’s just the nicest person ever, isn’t he?

6. Robin Williams
Robin William was a legendary man. It goes without saying that he was a brilliant actor and a hilarious comedian, but apart from that he was just a very decent and kind man. He created a scholarship at Juilliard so that Jessica Chastain could become the brilliant actress that she is. He helped Christopher Reeve cover medical costs after his accident. He visited American troops numerous times in order to keep up morale and help with rehabilitation. He constantly fundraised for St. Jude’s Research Hospital that treats children with life-threatening diseases. He really was a man with a heart of gold.

7. Lady Gaga
Monster mama also has a heart of gold. She supported MAC AIDS, she assisted with It Gets Better Project. She worked with such organizations like the Oxfam, Red Cross, Lupus Foundation of America and The Trevor Project, whose main goal is suicide prevention in LGBTQ+ youth. She also founded the Born This Way Foundation, whose main goal is to support the wellness of young people, and empowering them to create a kinder and braver world.

8. Daniel Radcliffe
The actor we will always associate with Harry Potter, has a heart of gold too. Much like his character, he believes in doing the right thing and standing up for what he believes in. Daniel often uses his fame in order to bring attention to charity organizations and ways to help make this world a better place. He’s worked with Kid’s Wish Network, Comic Relief, Save The Children, The Trevor Project. He also often speaks out against homophobia.