8 Health Secrets From Ancient India

India is undeniably a source of great ancient knowledge and secrets that we, Westerners, can’t even begin to fathom. But apart from deep philosophies and religion rich with gods, devas, asuras, and all kinds of godly and demonic creatures, India is also home to a number of amazing health treatments, most of which are a part of Ayurveda, which means the science of life. Some of them are so simple you can try them at home right now, while others require a deeper knowledge of the human body. Here are 8 health secrets from Ancient India.



Chyawanprash has been known in India since the 4th century BC, when it was supposedly created by the wise man Charak, who later included the recipe into his book Charak Samhita. It is a highly energizing health tonic that boosts immunity, improves digestion, and even grants longevity. It consists of around 50 herbs and fruits, the main ingredient being amla.



This amazing tree is not only sacred, but can also help you with almost anything. Boiled neem leaves will heal acne, neem oil will make your hair healthy and shiny, while neem powder will moisturize your skin. It is also added into toothpastes for whitening effect.

Some specialists believe that yoga dates back 25,000 years and belongs to the blessed Golden Age of Satya Yuga when gods and enlightened people roamed the Earth. Whether it is true or not, yoga is definitely one of the most ancient health systems that takes care not only of your body, but of your mind as well. It is complex and consists of various techniques, including special poses, breathing, and body cleansing.

This miracle cure is used with everything from digestive disorders to sight problems and inflammations. It’s a mix of three berries: bibhitaki flushes out toxins; amlaki is one of the most powerful antioxidants known to man; haritaki improves digestion and strengthens the immune system. It’s a 100% natural treatment with no chemicals whatsoever!



We are quite familiar with sandalwood fragrance, but not with its amazing healing properties. Also known as chandan, sandalwood is often made into a paste that is applied on skin for a lustrous, unblemished look and a long-lasting smooth effect. It rejuvenates skin and makes it look younger instantly!

Nowadays even traditional medicine admits that meditation is one of the most potent anti-stress and anti-anxiety techniques that should be mastered by anyone who wants to have a calm and peaceful mind. Meditation not only restores balance in your mind, but also helps heal skin disorders, cure respiratory and heart problems, and even get blood pressure back to normal.

Amla is packed with vitamin C like no other fruit or berry. It improves digestion and is a popular beauty ingredient you’ll find in most shampoos and face masks. Best take amla in its natural form and make facial masks of your own to improve skin color and make it smooth like silk. Amla also gives volume to locks and masks those disturbing grey hairs, making them naturally darker.

Pinda Sweda Massage
All kinds of back problems can be cured with an Ayurvedic massage named Pinda Sweda. Special rice bags are warmed up until they become hot, afterwards they are dipped into medicinal milk mixed with herbs and put onto problematic areas with a considerable amount of pressure. Pinda Sweda can cure neck pain, back ache, joint pain, and even reduce swelling.