8 People Who Changed Everything in a Year

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by negative circumstances but if you think it’s impossible to change your life you’re wrong. These 8 inspiring stories will hep you to believe in yourself.



An inspiring physical transformation
Growing up an obese teenager Sam Conley did not know how much his life was to change. A former car dealer changed his 133kg to a more appealing 95kg, redesigned his lifestyle, and met the love of his life in the process. Right now Sam takes part in worldwide powerlifting competitions and manages his own ‘by invitation only’ gym. Inspired by his personal trainer, Conley is a nutritional specialist and a motivational speaker. All great things come to those who work hard.
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A discovered model at the age of 49
Cindy Joseph was discovered by Dolce and Gabbana later in her life. She became a great fit for a company looking for an older model. Getting her start with D&G Cindy was exposed to multiple other A-list brands and continued her work in modeling. The stunning woman went on to do great things with her now successful life – opening up an age-appropriate skin and makeup line that promotes honest results.
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Hitchhiking through 40 countries alone
Russia native Sonya Sagitova hitchhiked for the first time out of desperation – she had to get her child to a hospital with no means for a bus fare. After Sonya retired almost 15 years later, she decided to see the world and discover it all alone. At the age of 69 she has now visited almost 40 countries, bringing nothing but a backpack, a camera, a voice recorder, and a diary.
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A father who saved his child
Mr. Carter started a Twitter campaign to find his autistic son the only cup he would ever drink out of. After Ben Carter’s favorite Tippee cup broke he refused to drink water at all, bumping his dehydration levels to a dangerous high. Thousands of people sent over their Tommee Tippee cups over to safe Ben’s life. The campaign was also noticed by Tommee Tippee’s officials who vouched to manufacture a life-long supply of cups for little Ben.
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Julia turned her passion into business
At the age of 27 Julia Savitskaya had almost everything a girl might want: a job in fashion, business trips to Paris, steady income. None of this, however, was enough and at the turning point in her life Julia packed a backpack and set off to Nepal. After catching that ‘travel bug’ Savitskaya later opened up a business that allowed her to see the world and show it to others – ‘Girl in Travel’ is a company that puts together all-girls trip8_People _Who_Changed_Everything_in_a _Year_05s around the world.

A fight of a courageous teenager
After telling her parents about her new boyfriend, 18-year old Allie Dowdle was cut off by her family. The girl’s future got taken away just because she had been dating someone with a different skin color. Allie opened up a GoFundMe campaign and raised almost $12,500 towards her college education. The campaign’s original goal was $10,000.
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A Silicon Valley employee at the age of 91
Barbara Beskind was a curious child growing up. Her dream was to work as a designer at a California office. After being a part of the War Emergency Course and Army’s Women’s Medical Special Course Barbara still held on to her childhood dream. When a design firm IDEO (responsible for creating a first mouse for Apple) had an opening Barbara wasn’t shy to apply. Right now she is working closely on the age-related devices at the firm.
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A woman who decided to live without money
Back in 1996 Heidemarie Schwermer decided it was time to donate all of her savings and try to live without anything for a year. Heidemarie was washing dishes, windows, and doing small tasks for the businesses in order to survive and lived out of her suitcase. Sixteen years later at the age of 69 she is still going strong. Schwermer continues to live without money and offers her services in exchange for food and shelter.
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