8 Signs You Might Never Ever Get Married

The sanctity of marriage is not for everyone. It is hard work and a lot of compromise. Couples who stay together for years and years amaze us. There are so many things one has to give up in order to be in a committed relationship. You might not be ready for one now or ever and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it! To help you sort things out a little bit here are a few signs that we think will lead you away from marriage.



Your career means everything to you
You are trying to make partner/become a CEO at your company and that is your life goal? If the only time you feel happy is when you knocked another work project out of the park – you might not be marriage-ready. Here is a tip: if you can willingly cut down your work week from 80 to 40 hours – that will be a time to settle down. Meanwhile, you do you!

You are powerful and independent
Now, we are not trying to say that one should be submissive and spineless in a marriage. That is not how it works. One thing to remember is that living with someone means sacrificing. A lot. You won’t be able to see that movie you were dying to see on your date night because your partner might not be into that genre; or that new restaurant is not vegetarian when your other half is. Be your undeniable self but remember that it might probably be impossible to do in a marriage.

You judge everything that breathes and moves
Now, we all judge – judging others is in our nature. When you love someone and pledge to spend the rest of your life with them your judgment levels should be reconsidered. Are you ready to give up gossip? Or your daily judgments of your co-workers? If the answer is no – you might want to reconsider saying ‘Yes’ to that marriage proposal.

You prefer solitude
Sometime people need more alone time than others. For some alone time is all they need. Obviously, a marriage where one wants to just be alone all the time is, frankly, doomed. So here are a few questions to help you decide whether marriage is for you: are you willing to share your personal time with another person? Are you able to come up with some ‘couple’ things to do? Hope this helps!

You are protective of your personal space
Living with someone will mean having another person around all the time. From dusk to dawn there is going to be a human being sharing everything with you – your favorite silverware and kitchenware, your shower, and of course your bed. If you are protective of your stuff and want to keep it all for yourself – marriage might not be for you, darling.

You live for the party
If you are the kind of gal who loves to leave your boyfriend/partner at home and have a nice night out with your gal-pals here is something shocking: if you are married you can’t. Hear us out – yes, you can leave your hubs at home and go party till the break of dawn but honey, that ring is coming with ya! If your party life is not sometime you can sacrifice – do not get married.

You can’t cook to save your life
No, we are not saying that if you can’t cook you shouldn’t get married. There are millions of men who prefer cooking and are good at it. Think about a romantic dinner/night. You won’t be able to do that for your loved one! You can order in but the food won’t have the same warmth and care. Learn a recipe or two and you just might lure him in (if that is your plan, of course)!

You are lazy and you love it
Who wouldn’t like to spend an occasional day on a couch just binge watching Netflix and chilling with yourself? We all know the laziest we can get. However, when you are living with your partner, laziness is not the most attractive thing. You can push your love away with constant desire to do nothing. Initiative is as important as compromise in a marriage. So if you want all that TV time for yourself you might not be cut out for a partnership.