9 Reasons Why Being Childless Doesn’t Make You Worth Any Less

9 Reasons Why Being Childless Doesn't Make You Worth Any Less 11. Wanting the freedom for you and partner to do whatever you want.
Not wanting to be tied down is a perfectly valid reason to not have children. Some incredible lifestyles require that you never fully settle down anywhere – you’re constantly on the go, and that’s the beauty of it. But that changing environment wouldn’t necessarily be healthy for a child, to whom stability can be a pretty important thing. You also don’t want your exciting, whirlwind romance with your hubby to stop – bringing children into the world can bond you and your man, but it can also drain some of what made you so charming to the other person.

2. You have a maternal instinct towards other adults, or towards children that aren’t biologically your own. Or you don’t have a maternal instinct at all!
As long as you feel fulfilled, that’s all that matters! You can feel like a mother due to being role model that she provided for other young people, or even people her own age. People want to argue that you don’t have the right to be maternal if you don’t have kids, but that’s not true. If acting maternal allows you to be fulfill that motherly part of yourself, more power to you. Or not having a maternal instinct at all. It’s totally fine to want to have a dog more than a kid, or to not coo over every baby in a stroller when it comes your way. Nothing about that makes you a psychopath, it just means you don’t fall into the stereotype of your gender.

3. Solitude Is A Wonderful Thing
It means you’re not afraid to be alone. Enjoying solitude is another thing that society finds to be taboo. It’s always assumed women need a man to be happy, or a child. If not, she’s tossed into the age-old stereotype of being a spinster. But being alone allows time for introspection and self-growth, whereas having a kid would require that you transfer all of that attention to them instead, neglecting your own emotional being. Some of the best moments are curling up alone with Netflix, traveling the world by yourself, and learning how to fully be in tune with your mind and body.

9 Reasons Why Being Childless Doesn't Make You Worth Any Less 24. It’s not the only thing that will give your life “true meaning”.
It won’t give your life “true meaning”. You can find true meaning in other things, or in discovering more of yourself, which is just as powerful. The idea that not having kids make your life void of meaning, or doesn’t fulfill some carnal biological desire is a straight up myth, and a rude one at that! Life is not a competition, and different lifestyles occur on a parallel level, not some sort of hierarchy with mothers at the top, even though some might think that.

5. You don’t want to give up your entire social life and bank account
You don’t want all your money to be sucked into a vacuum that poops a lot and ruins your house. True, babies are magical little creatures, but they also make a massive dent in your bank account, and the pristine nature of your house. No kids means clean walls, a quiet house, and sleeping in late. Your next vacation funds will go to diapers, sitters, food, doctors appointments, and over a hundred other things. If you don’t want to experience things that you used to derive pleasure from (movie theaters, fancy restaurants, sex).

6. Because childhood was painful for you
If you don’t want to experience childhood again, it’s ok. Some of us had raw experiences growing up, and aren’t sure we could go through them again. Might dig up some bad stuff that we feel better leaving in the past. If you’re not prepared to help your kid with bullying and other burdens of being a kids, or even worse an adolescent, it can be painful. If your own childhood was dysfunctional, it’s ok to feel like that was something to move past, not fix.

9 Reasons Why Being Childless Doesn't Make You Worth Any Less 37. It’s ok to want to focus on career instead
You’re not a terrible person for choosing to prioritize your career over children. Nobody questions when men make that decision. Half of the celebrities who are known for being child-free discuss how their careers wouldn’t be where they are today if they had spent time nurturing another human being into fruition. Your actions aren’t selfish unless they’re hurting someone else, and we’re pretty sure that your unfertilized egg isn’t hurting anybody.

8. Pregnancy sounds scary
If you don’t want to give up all your vices for nine months. Putting someone else first is a noble experience, but putting yourself first is often necessary for your emotional health. If your best nights are drinking wine on some international getaway, or leading an adrenaline-pumping lifestyle, you’ll have to quit. Also, being pregnant doesn’t sound that fun. Sure, some women might get hyped up about “the glow”. But the other half are throwing up, eating horrendous combinations of food, abusing their loved ones, and just being an emotional, uncomfortable mess.

9. Giving birth sounds even scarier
Giving birth also sounds like a nightmare, to be honest. Hospitals are already terrifying when you have to go in and out of them quickly, but being in labor for possibly more than 24 hours? No thanks. Sweating and feeling like I am going to die for a full day while my most vital and loved organ is throbbing in pain sounds like something I’m willing to avoid. Also, since sex is one of my favorite things, sacrificing it and then having it possibly never be the same is another thing that is acceptable to never find out.