A Hilarious Wedding Prank To Remember

Weddings are a strange time in one’s life. If you’re lucky enough to get everything right – you only get one. So it makes sense that people go all out and try to make it as memorable as possible. You really want to remember this day for the rest of your life. Some choose to go big and book the most expensive location, get the most memorable decorations and the most luxurious dress, invite hundreds of guests, some get celebrities to perform at their wedding, etc. But Heidi Zherelyev came up with an even better idea to make this day memorable.

Heidi and her partner Val eloped about 5 years ago, and only now they decided to have a proper wedding to share this joyous occasion with their friends and family. It’s a nice thought, but planning a wedding is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time and effort and it can wreak havoc with your nerves. And that’s exactly what Heidi saw happening to her partner, so she came up with a hilariously brilliant way to lighten the mood.

She made a secret plan with her brother Eric and the photographer Nichole Cline to pull a prank on her husband. As far as Val knew, they were doing a standard “first look” photoshoot, you know, the one where you capture the reaction of the groom when he sees his bride in a wedding dress for the first time. Well, to say he was surprised would be an understatement, because instead of his bride he saw her brother Eric in a wedding dress.

Val’s reaction was priceless, the look of total surprise and confusion on his face is to die for! But this wasn’t his first rodeo, Val was used to Heidi’s family and the pranks they like to pull, so he recovered quickly and went in for a kiss. The prank totally worked and eased Val’s nerves, so for the rest of the photoshoot he was able to just laugh and enjoy himself instead of being anxious the entire time. He even posed for some funny and romantic photos with Heidi’s brother Eric. We hope they keep them in the wedding photo album or display them proudly in their house.

So why did Heidi choose to pull this prank? While it was a good laugh and a good way to lighten the mood, there was also another reason why she chose to involve her brother in the photoshoot. The thing is, Heidi’s father died when she was only 18, and her brothers were always there for her, to support her and take care of her, so she really wanted both of them to play a special part in her wedding. Her brother Carson was the one to officiate the wedding and she wanted her brother Eric to have a part too, so the photoshoot was a perfect and lighthearted way to do it. Another touching thing they did at this wedding was set aside a place for her late father by placing his name at one of the seats and placing his boots on the chair.

In the end, the couple had their real “first look” photoshoot and a wonderful and touching wedding they will remember for the rest of their life.