Extraordinary Fairytale Weddings That Will Stun You

No matter what, your wedding day will be magical. But some couples give it an extra dose of magic by creating their own fairytale weddings. These folks took their favorite fictional works, and transformed their own special day to celebrate them. Make your own day as surreal and gorgeous as these imaginative couples did with the help of their inspiration.



1. Cinderella & Belle Wedding
These Disney-lovers got to create their dream wedding as Cinderella & Belle, and the result is straight up magical. Karla and Yalonda share a passion for the TV show ‘Once Upon A Time”, and wanted to recreate the show due to the fact that “this was our modern-day fairytale”. Yalonda proposed to her girl by writing her own fairytale based on the couple’s love story. The princess get-ups were accented by cute tea cups, the notorious high glass slippers.

2. Little Mermaid Wedding
Even if you think you’re all grown up, the temptation to have your own Disney wedding will be hard to resist when you see the surreal and lovely beach-side creation! Ariel’s vibrant red waves against the ocean’s waves and a simple white dress recreated everyone’s childhood fantasy.

3. Maleficent Wedding
Wow. This bride is a total badass – forget Maleficent as a Halloween outfit, this bridal interpretation is on fire! Those horns and wings are seriously on point and also kind of serving some Black Swan vibes with that cutout black gown. The outfits for the little girls and bridesmaids (the white swans, we think) are also styled to a T.

4. Harry Potter Wedding
The costumes might have been minimally Harry Potter themed, but the location and props were absolutely stunning. Bottles of potions and magic wands for every guest dotted the venue, and the flawless bouquet made from the book’s pages is prettier than any floral arrangement. The bride’s shoes read “Slytherin” on one and “Gryffindor” on the other. Find your inner witch and start planning!

5. Great Gatsby Wedding
Going Gatsby as a theme, it’s easy to get corny pretty fast. But this understated and elegant interpretation will have everyone want to throw their wedding back in the 1920’s! The decadent plumes and warm lighting compliment the champagne-pink beaded flapper dresses for the bridesmaids. The bride’s beaded dress is also stunningly subtle (the diamonds and pearls wedding cake a little less, but Gatsby was all about debauchery, right?!)

6. Alice in Wonderland Wedding
We are totally obsessed with this slightly punk take on Alice in Wonderland. The tatted bride and her bearded groom pose with a croquet set, and the groom stands on the table like a Mad Hatter to serve tea. His black top hat and her black bow are perfect against the whimsical pastels of their tea party, held in a garden tent.

7. Game Of Thrones Wedding
“GOT” fans, prepare to freak out! This is a little darker than a fairy tale, and maybe cheating since it’s a TV show, but dang, look at that bloody baroque cake. And those regal wolf dogs (we hope they were the ring-bearers). Would you and bae rock Khaleesi and Jon Snow for your own fantasy wedding?