What Your Feet Say About You… That’s Actually Super Interesting!

What Your Feet Say About You... That's Actually Super Interesting!There are a bunch of personality tests you can find on the internet. Some of them are cool but most of them are too boring to pass. Usually you just answer to some random questions to discover the type of your personality. But who knew, that you would discover it just looking at your feet? Yes, there’s actually a real correlation between your type of feet and your character. Scientists say that your feet can change their appearance over the years. The changes are caused by physical and mental struggles a person is going through. So, yes, your inner experience, emotions and conflicts are the factors of your feet change.



Are you ready for feet reading? Let’s check out what this part of your body says about you.

1. Look at the shape at first. Do you consider yourself a hard-worker? Or do you prefer delegating the job to others? People with wide feet are usually very enthusiastic about their job and ready to cope with things on their own. While people with narrow feet will better entrust the task to someone else in order to enjoy other, more important things.

What Your Feet Say About You... That's Actually Super Interesting! 22. Look at the arches. If you have a flat foot, you’re an extremely friendly person who’s enjoying spending time around people. Such people are usually realists and prefer to accept help and support from other people than solve problems on their own. People with high arches have great inner resources. They like to be around people but prefer to spend some time alone, recharging. If you have a high arch, you can remember yourself being independent preferring to puzzle out all the stuff by yourself not asking someone for help. Also, you’re a big dreamer.

3. Now consider the size of your feet. Are your feet big? If yes, that means you’re a strong leader and always prepared to deal with different kinds of problems. Also, people with cracked heels are good leaders, too. Small footed people are clever and mature despite the fact they may look younger than they really are.

What Your Feet Say About You... That's Actually Super Interesting! 3 4. Which toe on your foot is the longest? If your big toe is the longest one, you’re definitely a business guru. If you belong to this group, you can courageously start your own business. People who have longer second toe are great leaders and not followers.

5. Position of toes. People with neat toes arranged in a row, usually act and think in a systematical way, are methodical and accurate. People with toes squeezed (crossed over) one under another are commonly mistrusting and it is sometimes hard for them to let go.

Feet6. If your toes bend towards the small one, that means you’re in a rush doing things really fast or doing too much in a short space of time. If a person’s toes bend towards the big one – the person may have a habit to hang onto the past.

7. Now, let’s check out more feet characteristics that can reveal some interesting info about you. Swollen feet can mean it is hard for you to express the feelings and emotions you experience.
Webbed toes can determine that you are an extrovert always ready for fun. Your potential can embody well in the entertainment and sales area. People with sprayed feet are also talkative and friendly and aren’t afraid to show off sometimes.