How I Won A $500 Amazon Gift Card

When you don’t have enough extra money to indulge in, let’s say the newest smartphone, you have three choices.


  1. Give in and buy it with the probability of getting further into debt and feeling regret afterwards as high as the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.
  2.  Become a marketer’s nightmare by questioning if you have been bamboozled, subsequently deciding to look for a better deal or save your money and buy it later.
  3. Find a way to get the smartphone without paying for it. Robbing stores is still illegal, even in Sin City, so you decide to look for an opportunity to win it.


I consider myself a practical shopper and usually settle with the second option; I look for bargains on everyday stuff and splurge once in a while on high quality items that I save up for. Ultimately, I value money in my wallet. However recently I got to appreciate the benefits of the third option. I didn’t rob anything! But I did learn how to win a $500 Amazon Gift Card!


My boyfriend John and I became frequent Amazon shoppers after we realized the benefits of Amazon Wish Lists. We aren’t penny pinchers, but we are trying save up. Unfortunately, the temptation to buy new things is sometimes irresistible. The urge was beyond bearable when I bought a brand new PlayStation 4 that we couldn’t afford two years ago! This was an important lesson in learning to value frugality. Since then, I’ve started planning and putting things into my Amazon Wish List. It actually helps manage my sometimes compulsive shopping style by holding the items for me until they go on sale or I can afford to purchase them. My advice for anyone like me is to put all your desires into an Amazon Wish List.


As an Amazon devotee, I knew I could easily buy one of their gift cards. I didn’t have the slightest idea I could win one until I stumbled upon this offer. It said I may receive $500 in exchange for taking a ridiculously simple survey. I completed the survey in two minutes. We lose 42 hours stuck in traffic every year, so why not spend 2 minutes doing something that may make you money? I instantly got a notification saying I was qualified. I answered three straightforward questions and got $500 on Amazon purchases. Not bad!


John and I were finally able to buy some things we had been saving up for without any regret or extra debt. The $500 Amazon Gift Card allowed us to treat ourselves without spending any money! We decided to buy an LED smart TV for me and a new laptop for her.


You can also spend two or three minutes of your time and complete the survey. If you’re coveting something on Amazon, this is the best chance to buy it without spending any of your hard earned money. Your $500 Amazon Gift Card may just be few clicks away. To sum it up, unlock your mind, take the survey now, kick start your shopping, and may be the next winner of $500 Amazon Gift Card!