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How to Enjoy Summer (In Your Office)


How to Enjoy Summer (In Your Office)Remember when summer used to mean hanging with your friends 24/7, lying on the beach all day long and planning an awesome vacation with your family. Well, now that you are not a kid anymore, 3 months of summer no longer gives you complete freedom. I know it sucks being stuck at your 9-to-5 job while you see your besties enjoying cocktails on a beach somewhere on Instagram, I’m feeling your pain and I hear you crying! Try to comfort yourself with the thought that while these lazy-bones are having fun in the sun, you are the one making a fortune. Just because you don’t have an opportunity to spend summer the way you did when you were a teenager, doesn’t mean you can’t make your summer worthwhile.

Here are a few suggestions for making the most of this hot season while you are working.



Drink fruit infused waterDrink fruit infused waterOkay, even if you can’t drink margaritas at the beach like all your mates do, try to spoil yourself with plain old water mixed with different fruits or veggies. Not only will this flavorful drink keep you hydrated and healthy throughout the day but it will also look bright on your desk and boost your summer mood.
Fill your bottle with raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, oranges, grapefruits and even cucumbers. Next up, fill it with water and enjoy this easy-to-do summer-themed drink. Keep in mind that it’s really healthy and full of natural sugars. In fact, I’m having one myself right now. It does help you to endure the work routine and all that summer heat.
Bottoms up!

Make up the ultimate summer playlistMake up the ultimate summer playlistSummer is all about crazy beach parties, raves, open air and being FREE. Why not make a summer- themed playlist and create a relaxing atmosphere at work? Not only can it lift your spirits but it also can help you be more productive and creative. Opt for the most upbeat songs that remind you of the sunny season and keep you be merry and energized even during the dog days.

Have lunch outside or eat lunch at the park
Young business woman eating salad on lunch break in City Park living healthy lifestyle working on smart phone. Happy smiling multiracial young businesswoman, Bryant Park, manhattan, New York City, USA
Find a cool spot in the shade of trees of the nearest park and change your eating habits by bringing your lunch outside. Swap your office environment for half an hour and enjoy the benefits of spending time outdoors, like fresh air and vitamin D that your skin absorbs from the sun. Grab a few colleagues if you are longing for company. Bon appetite!




Wake up earlyWake up earlyAs the days in summer are longer, make sure you take 100% advantage of this. Yes, yes, I know that waking up even an hour earlier can be a daunting challenge for some of us (me!), but when you get up a bit earlier and make it to the office before hardly anyone is there, you get a peaceful and quiet time for your own thoughts or maybe knock out some work that needs to be done. And who knows, maybe you’ll manage to clock out earlier so you can deal with your fave summer- related activities.

Decorate your workspace (work desk)Decorate your workspace (work desk)If you can’t enjoy the season in a more cheerful place than your office, it’s high time to bring the season to you. Start with your work space- redecorating it a bit will definitely let some summer vibes in. Buy a bouquet of lovely flowers, put up a few photos of your most memorable vacation, and pin your dream summer destinations on a map, visualization works miracles, you know.

Bike to work

Bike to work If you appear to be the lucky owner of a bike and live within a biking distance from work- congrats, you were meant to bike to the office especially when it is summer and the more time you spend in the fresh air- the better. Not only is it healthy and full of benefits but it’s also a way to save money on gas or public transportation.

Do not take your work home Do not take your work homeIf you want to enjoy the season to the fullest, don’t let your 9-5 job control your life. When you are not at work- log out of your email, Skype and other distracting technologies that tend to interfere with real life and your resting hours. If you love your job and you are excited by what you do, it can be hard not take a peek. But, try to stay strong and clear your mind, forget all working issues and leave them for tomorrow. You might work 40 hours a week, but it still leaves you nearly 100 waking hours to make the most of this promising time of the year.