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Men And Women Don’t Know These Things About Each Other


Men And Women Don’t Know These Things About Each OtherThere’s a hell of a lot of stereotypes about both men and women, and very few of them are true. Today I set out to check which ones are real and which ones are just a lie. You might be wondering exactly how am I going to accomplish that? We’ll check the statistics. Keep in mind that most statistics are made up on the spot, and quite a few of them contradict one another, so they shouldn’t be taken seriously. For example, it’s often said that women spend more time in front of the mirror than men. Is it just vanity or is there some logic to this process? Let’s find out.



1. Staying In Shape
1. Staying In ShapeIt’s often said that men have to work hard to get those muscles. It takes time and effort and dedication. Women are discouraged from having bulging muscles. We’re told to just not overeat and keep a slim figure. So which one is more time consuming?
Men, on average, spent about two years working out. This includes playing sports with friends and occasional run or a trip to the gym.
Women spend just a year at the gym. However, they also spent about 17 years trying to lose weight by trying out all sorts of diets.



2. Personal Grooming
2.  Personal GroomingIf you were to ask anyone “who takes longer to get ready?” most people would probably answer “women”. However, recent statistics disagrees.
Men spend 81 minutes a day. This includes showering, shaving, cleansing, moisturizing, styling hair and getting dressed.
Women only need 75 minutes for all of this. Here’s one particular statistic that I found to be especially interesting – men spend about 18 minutes shaving while women only need 14. Strange, isn’t it? Considering women shave their legs and armpits and bikini area, while men just cut their face. It should be mentioned that makeup application isn’t included in these statistics, as most men don’t bother with it. We’re only comparing things that both men and women do.


3. Cleaning
3. CleaningWomen spend 2.5 years of their life washing dishes, vacuuming, mopping, dusting and doing all sorts of household chores.
Men spend a year less. Only 1.5 years. Is anyone shocked by this statistic? Neither am I. It’s not that man are tidier, we all know that they’re not. It’s just that on most days they care less about the cleanliness of their house and assume their girlfriend/wife/mother will do it.



Vintage Car CoupleAccording to research both men and women spend about three years behind the wheel of their car. This might surprise some people. What about all those women who are housewives? It’s not like they need to drive to and from work. Well, think about all the grocery shopping trips, getting kids to and from school and driving them to and from their after school activities. You’d be amazed at exactly how much time it takes to do all that.


5.CookingStatistics suggests that women spend three years cooking. Preparing breakfasts, lunches and dinners for yourself and your family takes ages.
Men spend half that time cooking. Only 1,5 years on average, and even that it’s mostly to grab a snack or heat up a ready-made dinner in the microwave.
I’d say that this statistic is flawed at its core. Heating up something in the microwave and cooking are very different things.




6. Talking On The Phone
6. Talking On The PhoneIt comes as no surprise that women spend more time talking on the phone. Research shows that women spend 5.5 years of their life talking on the phone.
Men spend four years.
What makes up the difference? Women tend to take more social calls. However, both of these statistics are losing their integrity with every passing day as we tend to email and text more. When was the last time you voluntarily called someone? I don’t remember. With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and texting, we all keep our friends up to date without having actually to speak to them.


7. Sleeping
7. SleepingAccording to scientists, women spend 27 years of their life sleeping.
Men spend 25 and a half years snoozing in bed.
This is a bit of a surprise, isn’t it? You’d think most women wake up earlier. We need our extra time to put on makeup and make breakfast. Plus, if you’re a mother you need that extra time in the morning to take care of kids, and I don’t even want to think about sleepless nights dealing with babies. However, turns out this statistic has more to do with men’s shorter life expectancy than with just plain laziness.



8. Shopping
8. ShoppingWomen spend two years of their life walking in and out of stores, trying on clothes and buying all sorts of products. Can you blame us? With all the pressure that the media puts on us to look good, I’m surprised we don’t just live in shopping malls.
Men spend a year shopping. It’s suggested that most of that time they’re being dragged to go shopping by women. I guess if it were up to them they’d never shop and just wear the same old t-shirt for years.


9. Watching TV
9. Watching TVWomen spend around 13 years glued to the screen. The research suggests that women mostly watch soap operas and other TV shows that have multiple seasons. If you take into consideration the fact that with Netflix you can marathon whole seasons of shows – it all makes sense.
Men spend around ten years watching TV. The statistics suggest that men mostly watch sports on TV. I didn’t know when this particular research was done, but last time I checked all of my male friends were freaking out over the finale of How I Met Your Mother.



10. Going To The Bathroom
10. Going To The BathroomHere’s a funny one to finish off our list.
Women spend six months in the lavatory. Even though everyone always complains that women go to the ‘ladies’ room in groups and spend ages there, men spend more time on the loo. Guess what, guys, we just spend ages freshening up our makeup, but when it comes to the actual time spend on the bathroom – we’re very quick.

Men, however, tend to read magazines and play games on their phone while they’re in the bathroom. All that reading and playing adds up to 3 years.