Mexican Designer Creates Fantastical Art As A Form Of Self-Therapy

Karen Cantú is a young inspiring designer from Mexico and her otherworldly, magical, and simply gorgeous artworks will blow your mind. Her art can only be described as fantastical realism because the things she creates look incredibly detailed and real, but the combination of subjects is usually something out of this world. She says it’s hard to explain what inspires her or where she gets ideas for her art. Her brain just feels the need to be creative all the time, so pretty much everything in her daily life can become a source of inspiration. Karen says she actually started creating this amazing type of art as a form of self-therapy. She realized that her mind likes creating unrealistic things, sometimes it’s art ideas, other times it could just be worrisome and unrealistic life scenarios that would really upset her. So in order to control this tendency, she just decided to be mindful of what she does and rather than overthink life she just poured her feelings into her art. Let’s take a look at some of her beautiful art and secretly wish that our overthinking could result in such amazing art. If you want to see more of Karen’s art, definitely follow her on Instagram.



1. Make art (choices in) your life.



2. If only New York really looked like this.



3. Are those flowers or fish tails?



4. Totally normal evening in Brooklyn.



5. What does your perfect cup of coffee look like?



6. Who’s that hiding in the flowers?



7. This is what heaven looks like.



8. Massive foxes, anyone?




9. When you feel spaced out.



10. Flower wolf – the latest pet trend.



11. Flowers and fish look so beautiful even though we never see that in real life, but it just proves how perfect nature is.



12. Another day, same spaced out feeling.



13. Look out of the pink flamingo on your way down.



14. When you’re both spaced out and drowning in your feelings.



15. Be (with) someone that makes you happy.