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Must-Have Gadgets For Modern Woman


Being a woman is not an easy task nowadays. So much to do, so little time. With the crazy pace of life and multiple missions (from making a successful project at work to cooking the best dinner for your family) it is inevitable for every woman to have magic helpers. Technology comes to our rescue, offering gadgets that make women’s lives easier (or at least less stressful). Below are some top-notch gadgets suitable for different purposes and roles. No matter if you are a business lady or a non-techie housewife – it’s time to ‘gadgetize’!
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If You Are A Business Lady…


Then you know, how crazy the business world is today and how important it is to be up to date. You have be available any minute, stay in touch and get timely information. Now imagine this situation – your smartphone let you down. AGAIN! Battery low, telephone dies, and you can neither receive the important call nor notify colleagues about the posponed meeting. Well, the thing which can prevent the disaster is definitely the Everpurse.


Everpurse combines technology and style. Because of the size it’s hugely convenient and portable. To charge your phone all you need to do is to put it in your Everpurse pocket which will give you two full charges a day. Forget about cables, wires and dead cellphones. Now your purse is much more than just a bottomless pit for old lipstick tubes – it has a real purpose!

Must have gadgets for woman everpurse

The E-Book is another thing modern girl can do without. Fiction for a subway ride, news while you on your coffee break and work related articles are always with you in a convenient e-book format. The advantage of e-book over the tablet or smartphone (in terms of reading, of course) is that it is easier and better for your eyes to read electronic e-ink for short, rather than from a bright screen.

Must have gadgets for woman ebook
If You Are an Active Sporty Girl…


To monitor how active are you during the day and make sure you receive enough physical exercise Fuel Band will really come in handy. The device is simple yet functional. It tracks the intensity and quantity of whole-body movements, providing real time feedback. Stylish design makes this gadget a useful accessory, complementing your sporty and everyday look.

Must have gadgets for woman fuelband
Pocket Bra. For your information, it’s not a bra to wear in your pocket. It’s a bra WITH pockets, for you to get rid of any bags and purses while training. The pockets are big enough to hold your smartphone, iphone and even and a lipstick. Not enough space for other stuff women usually have in their purses, but certainly good enough for a training or a hands-free walk.

Must have gadgets for woman pocket-bra


If You Are A Trendy Fashionista…


Every fashionista knows – there’s nothing worse than a bad hair day. And a magic stick to fix it is a God-send, a must-have! Here comes Hair Straightener. If you know how to use it right, you can make miracles with your hair. You can make it straight and silky or if you are in a mood for curls – make it perfectly curly. It will take you just a few minutes to turn from shabby mop hair to flawless, gorgeous hair that people want to complement you on!

Must have gadgets for woman hair-straightener
And, Eventually For A Real Hostess…


You know the days when kitchen is like hell? The pie is baking, the rice is boiling and the meat is already burnt on the frying pan…You wish you had another pair of hands to handle it all at the same time. The gadget that will help you multiply your kitchen abilities and minimize efforts is a Multi cooker. This easy to use, handy kitchenware cooks practically anything and is very quick. You can put the ingredients in and set the timer. Your meals will be ready exactly when you need them to be. Go spend your time out of kitchen doing whatever you want, without worrying. Nothing will burn and it will be cooked to perfection.

Must have gadgets for woman multicoocker
And for the perfect start of your day – two words – Coffee machine. It can’t bring coffee, to the bedroom but it can give you a invigorating drink with perfect aroma and fresh taste. Isn’t it exactly what every woman wants in the morning?


Hopefully, these gadgets will make your life easier, give you more spare time, and help you live each day to the fullest!

Must have gadgets for woman coffee-machine