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Necessary Things Pregnant Women Should Know


Necessary Things Pregnant Women Should KnowYou’ve recently got pregnant? I am sure you feel both scared and excited, because you know that the baby will change your and the novice father’s lives. While you are waiting for the big day to come you are reading lot’s of literature and mom’s blogs about how to feed, change diapers, when to start teaching your child foreign languages, where to buy kid’s stuff and how to sustain a normal relationship with the husband after delivery. You certainly need to know all this, but you shouldn’t forget that the time you are pregnant is no less important than the post-delivery time. The following are the most important things you should know while being pregnant.

Necessary Things Pregnant Women Should KnowNutrition
Pregnancy is the most important and crucial period in every woman’s life that affects the health of both the mother and the unborn baby. Proper nutrition should provide the body with energy and proper vitamins and minerals. It is one of the main health constituents. During the 9 months you are pregnant a new human body develops from a single cell. In order that this process proceeds smoothly the future mother requires a certain amount of vitamins and minerals in the correct, doctor-recommended levels. Lack of certain elements may have a negative impact on the child’s development. That’s why the nutrition of pregnant women should be strengthened, over the nine month gestation and kept in proper balance to the benefit of both the mom-to-be and the baby. However, if you are pregnant you shouldn’t necessarily “eat for two “. It would be enough just to use an average of 300 extra calories a day, which is approximately the same as two sandwiches and a glass of milk. Your hormones slow down the process of digestion so it’s better to eat small meals but to eat more frequently. The daily ration must also contain the right balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates and a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals. You can use these principles also during breastfeeding.

Necessary Things Pregnant Women Should KnowExcercises
Everyone knows about the importance of doing daily exercises, but what about pregnant women? Should you stop as soon as you find out about your future mom status? No! During pregnancy it is recommended even to increase physical activity. It is proved that physically active women have a lower risk of diabetes and they will bear labor pain much better at the time of delivery.
The best types of exercises are: walking, swimming, using a fitness cycle and yoga. Intensive walking improves circulation of the legs and strengthens the muscles of the lower body. Choose comfortable shoes and walk 30 – 45 minutes a day with few interruptions. Swimming is a great exercise for all muscle groups. If you are a fan of yoga you should keep visiting classes, but don’t forget to notify your instructor about your condition!


Necessary Things Pregnant Women Should KnowBeauty Care
Unfortunately pregnancy and childbirth often negatively effect woman’s beauty. We should blame hormonal imbalance for that. Proper body care will help you to keep the beauty and health of your skin. The first trouble you may encounter is acne. Even those who haven’t had that problem before can experience it. The next reason for possible disappointment is stretch marks. Ask your mother, aunt or sister if they had stretch marks and you will know what to expect in the future. One more reason to be upset is pigmentation (dark marks on the skin). Usually they appear around the nipples, around the navel, on the middle belly line and sometimes even on face. You should also be afraid of varicose veins. Usually after the labor most of these problems vanish, but they can still leave some damage to your skin if you don’t treat them promptly.
First of all you need to consume copious amounts of water – I mean a LOT of water! Take a shower every day or even more often, but choose only natural cosmetics that do not contain any artificial coloring or other potentially harmful chemicals. Do not use rigid, “crunchy” towels because you can cause harm to your breasts. Always moisturize your skin and perform light massage with your hands. It will help to improve blood circulation and allows you to be more relaxed. It is useful to take off your bra when you are at home, but wear clothes made only of natural fabrics. To prevent your legs from developing varicose veins you should walk, do massage and lift legs every time you sit or lie. Never use cosmetics of unknown brands! It can contain incredibly harmful constituents.

Necessary Things Pregnant Women Should KnowSex
Sex during pregnancy is considered to be quite safe, with the exception of certain situations. In the first trimester, usually sexual feeling is dulled due to frequent weakness and nausea. Talk to your husband and explain the changes in your body, let him understand how you feel. It is possible that in the second trimester it will be a pleasant surprise in the form of increased sexual desire. During the third trimester sex can become unpleasant and sometimes painful, so your husband must pay special attention to your feelings. Remember that a frank discussion about sex will help you not only to have a rewarding, intimate relationship during pregnancy, but to give the couple a stronger bond as they move into parenthood and family life.