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Summer Wedding Ideas


Summer Wedding Ideas If you decide to celebrate your love ­ summer is the best season of the year. Why? There are a lot of reasons: long

sunny days, many outdoor places for celebration, great choice of fruits and flowers, cold cocktails etc. So let’s see how we can help you to make your wedding day a perfect celebration.

Wedding Locations

Beach - Summer Wedding Ideas 1) Beach
If you don’t have enough money for Maldives wedding, you can make your ‘own Maldives’. And it’s simple to make such wedding on a budget.

e creative! Take seashells for your bouquet!  - Summer Wedding Ideas Be creative! Take seashells for your bouquet!

Barefoot wedding - Summer Wedding Ideas Barefoot wedding is a great idea. It’s interesting, romantic and you don’t need to buy really expensive shoes.

wedding in swimsuits - Summer Wedding Ideas

Too simple? What about a wedding in swimsuits? Impress your friends and relatives! Don’t be boring.

decoration creativity - Summer Wedding Ideas

Add some creativity to decoration: candles or wedding luminaries, hearts and flowers everywhere, seashells, сongratulations banners.

unusual summer cocktails - Summer Wedding Ideas

And don’t forget about unusual summer cocktails!

Garden Or Forest - Summer Wedding Ideas

2) Garden Or Forest

This is the next idea for your wedding. It can be made on a budget if you want to. There are a lot of simple, but stylish details you can use for your wedding:

 peacock feather bouquet - Summer Wedding Ideas

If you want a unique bouquet- think about peacock feather bouquet.


peacock feather wedding decoration - Summer Wedding Ideas

you also can use peacock feather as a part of your wedding decoration in general.

cupcakes or macaroons - Summer Wedding Ideas

Forget about standart wedding cakes. Take cupcakes or macaroons. Your guests will surely like this idea. It looks pretty unusual.

forest weddings - Summer Wedding Ideas

What really makes forest weddings so interesting and unique? – Lighting design ideas! Don’t forget to set a romantic mood on your biggest day.

Boat or Yacht - Summer Wedding Ideas

3) Boat or Yacht

A little bit expensive, but it’s worth it. Choose a sea theme and nobody will forget such a creative wedding for sure.

unforgettable photos - Summer Wedding Ideas Don’t forget about details. They will help you to make unforgettable photos.

Buffets are stylish and trendy - Summer Wedding Ideas
Buffets are stylish and trendy. It’s a good idea for yacht wedding and it’s not so expensive as a seated dinner.

get married on the beach at sunset - Summer Wedding Ideas Can you imagine to get married on the beach at sunset? And what about getting married on a yacht at sunset? Sounds like a dream, but you can make it real.

not an ordinary couple - Summer Wedding Ideas And if you’re not an ordinary couple- you can finish your day this way!

Vineyard or Country - Summer Wedding Ideas 4) Vineyard or Country
If you”re a fan of still out-of-town way of life – this kind of wedding is perfect for you!

old barn for your ceremony - Summer Wedding Ideas You can use an old barn for your ceremony. Lightning and other decorating details will turn a barn into a very special and unique place.

flowers and old-fashioned bottles - Summer Wedding Ideas Use candles, a lot of flowers and old-fashioned bottles.

Lovely wildflowers bridal bouquet - Summer Wedding Ideas For a bridal bouquet you can use lovely wildflowers.

Wedding with pets - Summer Wedding Ideas You also can bring your pets for such kind of wedding. Believe me, your guests will be astonished! Also these cute pets will make your wedding photoshoot funny and unforgettable!