Tea Party For The Policeman Who Saved Her Life

It’s not every day that you get to see a full grown man having a tea party with a little girl. What makes this even more surprising is that the grown man having this tea party is a policeman, and not her dad. How did this happen? Well it’s one heartwarming story, if we do say so.
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This adorable tea party took place in Texas. A 2 year old Bexley has invited her friend, Officer Patrick Ray of the Rowlett Texas Police Department, to her tea party in order to celebrate their special friendship. Her parents also hired a photographer to capture this special day for Bexley. As you can see the two unlikely friends look very happy together and seem to be enjoying the tea party. “But how did this little girl befriend a police officer”, you might ask. Well the circumstances in which they met weren’t as lovely as the tea party you’re seeing right now.
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About a year ago Bexley was playing in the pool with her siblings and her mother, when suddenly her lips went blue and she went completely limp. The parents got very worried and immediately dialed 911 for emergency.
“She went completely limp,” says Bexley’s mother. “It was more than falling asleep. She just collapsed. I looked in her eyes and she was so distant. We had no clue she had swallowed anything.”
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At the time, officer Patrick Ray was on his lunch break, but decided to pick up the call either way. He rushed to the address Bexley’s parents gave him as soon as he could. Bexley’s father ran out of the house, holding Bexley in his arms, as soon as he heard the police car sirens. Office Patrick Ray immediately figured out what was the problem. He grabbed the little girl from her father’s arms and immediately tried to open her mouth and do a finger sweep to her esophagus to make sure she was breathing properly. Turns out Bexley has swallowed a penny, and officer Ray saved her life with that quick esophagus sweep. It took him only 27 seconds.
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Bexley and officer Ray have been friends ever since. So when he was invited to Bexley’s tea party he couldn’t possibly refuse. “It was something that I just couldn’t turn down because I knew it was going to be really special for her mom and Bexley,” says Ray. “I have two boys, so I don’t get to do that type of stuff you do with a little girl. She’s a sweetheart. She’s my best friend.”

He also says that he’s probably going to be teased about this tea party photoshoot at work, but he doesn’t mind. After all, it’s an honor to be able to go to a tea party of a toddler who’s life you saved.