The 10 Best Calorie-Torching Sports to Try

Working out doesn’t always have to be depressing. While most people think of shedding the pounds at the gym or a Pilates class, embarking on an intense activity or sport with your friends or family is just as heart-pumping and way more fun.



1. Rock Climbing
This adrenaline-pumping sport can be done indoors and outdoors, but we suggest using a harness either way. Soak in a breathtaking view or go to your local indoor rock-climbing spot as you clamber using every muscle in your body. Burns up to 645 calories.



2. Volleyball
What better excuse to go to the gym than a good game of beach volleyball? Work out your core and tone up your legs with this plyometric-based workout that will have you leaping and soaring for the ultimate bikini body. Burns up to 470 calories.


3. Tennis
Playing a round of this racket sport in your cutest Maria Sharapova or Serena Williams outfit is the ultimate summer sport. Set a high pace for your court workout in an intense game of singles or doubles and burn up to 400 calories.



4. Swimming
Doing some laps up and down the pool will tire you out fast and you won’t even sweat since the deliciously cool water will be engulfing your body at all times.
It burns from 500-800 calories an hour.


5. Surfing
If doing laps isn’t spicy enough for you, surfing will definitely kick it up a notch. Surfing trains your arms, shoulders, core and entire back body. It’s a full body balancing act of endurance and explosive power. Buns up to 208 calories in an hour.



6. Martial Arts
Not only will this sport take your breath away, but it will make you feel like a badass heroine in an action movie. It’ll tone you up and provide your daily dose of cardio, as well a self-defense skills. Burns 700-1100 calories.


7. Jumping Rope
What was once a popular childhood pastime is now an extremely effective and efficient workout. But you can still do it while you’re hanging with the girls and turn it into a playful, nostalgic activity. Burn more than 200 calories in just two 10-minute session.


8. Hiking
Hiking is by far the most fun way to tone up your booty, core and legs, as well as getting some cardio in with a date or family. Run through the canyon, forest, or lakeside – whatever your local geography offers! Tackle routes with elevation challenges and burn up to 400 calories.



9. Water Polo
This is the best daytime pool game to play with friends, and all the water you’re treading will give you a serious workout. Between shooting, passing, and catching, you’ll be laughing in the sun and forget that you’ve even working out. Burns up to 750 calories.


10. Kayaking
Whether you’re in your local river or an exotic rainforest in Costa Rica, kayaking on a gorgeous, blue-skied day is hard to beat in terms of the ultimate weekend adventure and workout. This is a great way to work out on vacation and your upper body will thank you. Burns up to 400 calories.