This Is What Happens To Your Body After You Give Up Alcohol For 2 Weeks

This Is What Happens To Your Body After You Give Up Alcohol For 2 WeeksWe all are blatant wine lovers and new cocktails judgers. But one beautiful morning we wake up and realize ‘The day has finally come’. You need an alcohol break. Sure thing you aren’t a hardened barfly, but this experiment is worth trying. You choose two nights that you designate as “buzz-free” Friday nights and you will become the center of attention as the most alcohol-free lady for the next two weeks. Before starting your ‘Dry’ period take a note of these 10 absolutely amazing benefits that you realize taking on a sober lifestyle.


You will:

  • Be hangover free

1 Be hangover freeIt’s probably the #1 bonus of alcohol detox. Just imagine you’ll forget about the hangover not for a couple of days but for a pretty long period. Being a temporary ‘one glass’ drinker we don’t realize that every morning starts with a small hangover even if we don’t feel it (because we know what the heavy one means). Skipping your alcohol craving you will open up your body and mental abilities in ways you never imagined. I swear you’ll be surprised how much you have missed.

  • Sleep better

2 Sleep betterI know how much you want to say goodbye to the nightmares which come to you every single night. You also dream of ridding yourself of all those haunting thoughts that always appear after your evening glass of Merlot. Firstly replacing the alcohol drink with a cup of camomile tea will work wonders and will bring your thinking processes to a new level of clarity. If you pull yourself together and don’t give up before the 2 weeks are up, soon you’ll see the results. Your mind will get used to working without any kind of stimulation from alcohol. Your sober brain will just reject all those nightmarish thoughts and let you sleep calmly.

  • See your skin recovering

3 See your skin recoveringThe first thing you’ll notice are the bags under your eyes simply disappear during the first week or even less. Going alcohol-free will help your skin to recover from the dehydration that goes hand-in-hand with alcohol consumption. Your skin will become healthy in color (no splotchy look anymore) and its texture will straighten. The number of black heads will begin to disappear without the help of expensive cosmetologists and moisturizers. Your body will absorb more vitamin A increasing the cell turnover. It will make your skin bright and fresh without additional beauty treatments. P.S. The money savings from the numerous facial treats will be enough to buy a new pair of shoes.

  • Feel your tastebuds flare up

4 Feel your tastebuds flare upYou’ll be surprised by the dramatic improvement of your tastebuds. The simple snacks you couldn’t stand just several days before, becomes much tastier. You won’t fight with the fast food desires because you’ll be happy with ordinary foods like fruits,vegetables and fish. You can’t even imagine how full and lovely the food tastes can be when the toxins aren’t interfering with the taste of food. Alcohol changes how our taste buds perceive food flavors. Rediscover food you really do like, but thought you didn’t!

  • Stay fit

5 Stay fitAlcohol contributes to weight gain. It reduces the metabolic rate of your body. With alcohol ever-present, your body is very busy. The body doesn’t get around to properly breaking down and using the fats and sugars and consequently these unburned and unused materials turn into your “muffin tops” a.k.a. FAT. Let’s call it what it is: FAT! Moreover alcohol drinks contain as much calories as a piece of your favorite brownie dessert. Observing alcohol abstinence you will go for a morning jog more often and it will be much easier for you as well.

  • Become grounded

6 Become groundedYour emotions will move from the doldrums. You will finally get the chance to exit the vicious circle of your old endless dramas. You’ll become less aggressive and not so detached as you were with alcohol. You will jumping out of the bed and being ready to face the new day and new opportunities. You will discover the new norm of a stable, less conflicted emotional state.Moreover get ready for the numerous compliments. Your homies, coworkers and strangers will start to tell you how classy you look. What can boost your mood better than knowing you’re the ‘sweetest, cutest, most adorable girl on the planet?!

  • Burst of energy

7 Burst of energyOn the third day of your alcohol skipping experiment, you will have a renewed energy and vitality. It will feel like your inner resources have been given a second chance. You won’t have to struggle overcoming the ravages of what you did to yourself the night before. You’ll be full of enthusiasm etc. You’ll be full of enthusiasm to start new projects, to meet new people, to plan new trips instead of just dreaming about the end of het working day.

  • Become smarter

8 Become smarterThat accustomed ‘foggy’ feeling will slowly but surely go away.Your brain will heal you find yourself lucid and full of new ideas. The level of your creativity will have no boundaries. You will be able to accomplish tasks much more quickly and efficiently. Greater lucidity leads to a quicker tongue – even your jokes improve! The alcohol-free period will help you to improve your memory and even allows you to recognize some useful details and skills from the past. You’ll manage to accomplish all your endless deadlines and daily tasks. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

  • Get rid of endless petty diseases

9 Get rid of endless petty diseasesAlcohol reduces your immunity to a host of common diseases. Alcohol robs your body of the necessary nutrients by preventing vitamin absorption. It can be the reason of your frequent visits to your dentist and therapist as well. Your old ‘Wednesday Margarita’ head and stomach ache will be a thing of the past.



  • Have better sex

10 Have better sex
Your intimate life will surprisingly change for the better as well. Alcohol enhances your libido, but it reduces your ability to act. Thanks to the clear mind and receptors you’ll become more sensual. Every aspect of your love life will become deeper and stronger. You’ll be ready to bring your fantasies to life, to experience something you have only been dreaming about and to try something new. You’ll just be in a good mood for it. EVERYDAY. With no alcohol in your blood you will be more passionate than ever before.


You may find that the two weeks away from alcohol turns into two months and two years and two decades. If you are a drinker who has two or three drinks every day, you may be overloading your system and causing undue stress both mental and physical. Talk to a doctor about it if you want. Drinking is a pleasurable pursuit but if it’s a habit, you may want to stop drinking for a while or for a while longer.