This Is Why The Kardashians Are The Worst Feminists Ever

This Is Why The Kardashians Are The Worst Feminists Ever 1
These women are some of the most controversial in the media, and they’re constantly in headlines. None of them are as supportive as they should have been when their Dad transitioned into Caitlyn, and as a large group of woman that pretty much dominate the media, they’re in a position of power where they could be empowering other women. Yet they don’t. Instead, they’re waist training and married to people that see them as dress-up dolls. Bummer, but the truth. Here’s a breakdown of why they’re each the worst at feminism and being role models.

This Is Why The Kardashians Are The Worst Feminists Ever 2
1. Kim – Kim has always been the poster-child for vanity and validness, but at least being a business woman kept her afloat. But after her marriage to Kanye, she lost her voice completely. Even at 9 months pregnant, she wears skin-tight, uncomfortable clothes and heels. She’s flat-out said that she just listens to her husband, and he is always telling her what to wear. She’s participating in the ultimate misogyny, and while she’s pregnant! What she is wearing is always void of color, and it seems to be suitable, because he’s made her pretty void of the color in her life, it seems like. She needs to focus on being comfortable, not fitting some image that he needs her to fit, WHILE she’s pregnant with his child. No thanks.

This Is Why The Kardashians Are The Worst Feminists Ever 32. Khloe – Khloe used to be the everyman’s savior in terms of body image. But it looks like she struggles as much with her body as the others. She started posting pictures of ‘corset-training’, where you stuff your waist into a constricting corset so it will shrink. Basically Chinese foot binding for your waist. And posting the unhealthy pictures of her disproportionate body for all of those chubby girls that once found confidence in her? No thanks. Also – she stuck with Lamar through his days of addiction as well rather than understanding that she could do better. Now, she’s become a workout nut and losing herself, as well as saying some messed up stuff to Caitlyn Jenner after she transitioned. We thought you’d be the empathizer, Khloe!

This Is Why The Kardashians Are The Worst Feminists Ever 43. Kourtney – she wasn’t too bad for a while. But she decided that her family and being domestic were the most important things in her life. She put the importance of being a cohesive family over respecting herself. She stayed with him through years of drugs, abusive behavior, and even cheating towards the end, just for the sake of her kids. That’s a pretty traditional mindset that victims of abuse often put themselves into, and it’s not a good message for anyone out there in an unhealthy relationship. You didn’t think you could make it as a single mom? Finally she made the decision to leave Scott Dissick for good, which leaves her future feminism in a questionable state that we can only hope will transform her into a more empowered woman.

This Is Why The Kardashians Are The Worst Feminists Ever 54. Kylie – This chick is almost unrecognizable from just a couple of years ago. She dresses herself in pushup bras and super revealing clothes, without any sort of empowering message. Why not take on something cool like Amber Roses’s slut walk if you choose to sexualize your images much ? Instead, she dates a misogynist rapper who was into her when she was 15, and is down to be in his various lyrics about the other classless girls he hooks up with. She avoided rumors about her lips, instead of talking about self esteem. She doesn’t address the controversial ideas that she’s re-appropriating cultures, either.

This Is Why The Kardashians Are The Worst Feminists Ever 6

5. Kendall – She does fashion but does not address the issue of body image at all. Her own self esteem in the industry, or how the industry shapes the minds as well as bodies of young girls in and out of the industry. Being in the fashion industry, she’s a huge role model. Yet she doesn’t choose to address any of these topics. She actually is one of the only normal looking one of them who doesn’t cover her face in layers of contouring makeup, and hasn’t had plastic surgery. But she rarely talks about the choice to go makeup free, which is an important opportunity. She dropped out of high school not for something she was working hard her entire life for, but a modeling choice made on a whim.

This Is Why The Kardashians Are The Worst Feminists Ever 76. Kris – This one is the worst. She literally just herds her children like animals and sells them to the media like a hungry coyote. Doesn’t really care about the welfare of anyone but her own bank account. As a mother, she could be leading the pack, but she’s prostituting them instead.