This Paralyzed Bride Decided to Learn to Walk Again for Her Wedding

This totally inspiring love story along with a beautiful wedding is what’s going to make your day. Whenever I get an invitation to a friend’s wedding and I go, I simply cannot hold back my tears! The heartwarming speeches, the beautiful brides and grooms, touched parents and happy friends, beautiful music – this all makes us super emotional.
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But this love story is completely special and it may bring you to tears even though you never knew these two people before.
Meet Jaquie Goncher, who suffered from serious injury 8 years ago. The girl was involved in a terrible accident in a swimming pool that left her neck broken.
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Jaquie became paralyzed because of spinal cord damage resulting from the accident. It was really shocking for her to hear she couldn’t walk again. But Jaquie is not that kind of a girl who’s giving up. Despite all the doctors’ professional opinions, the girl experienced some moves in her toes and decided not to lose hope.
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Today her story is a real inspiration! After 7 years being paralyzed, Jaquie decided to pull herself together. She set her one-year goal to be able to walk down the aisle at her wedding!
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For 12 months the girl trained her body walking on a treadmill in the slowest pace possible, holding with her arms and trying to focus in order not to lose consciousness.
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This training was not in vain! She absolutely nailed showing she could not only walk down the aisle but also standing straight on her legs for a couple of hours during the ceremony.
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Do we need to say, her husband Andy was extremely happy? You bet! 200 people who attended the wedding witnessed a completely gorgeous first dance with “The Way I Am” by Ingrid Michaelson’s, – the result of Jaquie’s and Andy’s unbelievably hard work and hope.
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It is not just any other dream you can realize with the help of money. It is a lot more. Jaquie is a strong woman who makes us believe in willpower. Don’t just sit there! Get inspired to do more and achieve your goals!
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