Top 7 Reasons Jakarta Is a Perfect Place for Downshifting

Many of us get tired of living in the city and even the country we live in, and a lot of us, on occasion, think about moving somewhere else. A place where the weather is better, the people are nicer, the rhythm of life is different and the cost of living is cheaper. Well, next time you have that thought why not consider Indonesia as a place to move to? There’s quite a few reasons people from all over choose to downshift and move to Jakarta so let’s see what it’s all about.



If you’re tired of cold winters and want to live in a country where it’s warm all year round – Indonesia is the perfect pace for you. The average temperature here is around 28℃ or 82℉ and even in the colder, rainier seasons it rarely gets much colder than that, so you’re guaranteed to stay warm top-7-reasons-jakarta-is-a-perfect-place-for-downshifting-01



2. People
People in the western world are often jaded and too focused on their own life and problems to care about others. However, since life is much simpler in Indonesia, the people here are some of the nicest and friendliest people you’ll ever meet in your life.

3. Food
Food here is very cheap, especially if you buy seasonal produce from local vendors and markets instead of going to the supermarket. And since the weather here stays warm all year round you can pretty much find any produce you want on any day of the year. You can always count on finding a bargain. And even if you prefer eating out, the prices are very cheap as long as you don’t count on drinking alcohol with every meal.

4. Communication
In case you’re worried that you’ll miss your friends or family and won’t be able to talk to them as often as you’re used to, rest assured this won’t be a problem. Cell phone tariffs here are surprisingly cheap, and internet is readily available and easily installed. So you’ll have no problem calling or skyping whoever you want, whenever you want. Fast Internet is easily available, and the costs pretty much cheap.

5. Expat Support
There’s a surprisingly huge number of expat organisations in Indonesia, probably due to the large amount of expats living in the country. So you’ll always have a place to go to in case you have any questions or need help settling in. Most of these organisations host weekly meetings and talks on the realities of daily life in Indonesia, and they also host a multitude of special events and fundraisers throughout the year.

6. Taxis
In the western world we usually take taxis only when we’re in a hurry, but in Jakarta it’s the most common type of transportation. It’s uncommon for expats to drive here, and let’s be real it’ll be difficult, so everyone just gets taxis, since they’re ridiculously cheap and readily available. A lot of expats even get personal drivers, which would be a luxury in the western world, but here it’s just a normal thing to do if you have a stable income.

7. Nightlife
You will never be bored in Indonesia. There’s always a place to go to and something interesting to see. There are a lot of clubs and music venues, with bands performing pretty much every day of the week. Famous international superstars often have gigs in Jakarta, so you won’t miss out if your favorite band is on tour. In Jakarta you’ll always find an art show, a film or a music festival to go to, the cultural side of life here is thriving.
top-7-reasons-jakarta-is-a-perfect-place-for-downshifting-07and never have to wear a jacket in this climate.