Woman Goes On Honeymoon Alone After Her Husband Couldn’t Go, Posts the Funniest Solo Photos

The honeymoon in most cases, is a once in a lifetime event. And planning it takes time, some arguing and nervous moments, but it’s totally worth it. After this truly romantic trip most couples usually forget about all the negative things.
But what if you become a hostage of circumstances? This is a story about a couple, who booked and paid for a honeymoon trip to Greece, but something went wrong. Mobin and her husband Huma, from Lahore, Pakistan, planned a great journey, but her dear husband was denied a visa.
Mobin for some unknown reason was granted a visa but refused to go at first. But Huma talked her into going, she packed her bags and went traveling with her in-laws who had also been granted visas but without the husband! OK, she isn’t one of those who can forget everything and she went and had fun without her husband as best as she could.
Mobin’s keen sense of humor kicked in. She decided to take pics reminding her Huma how lonely she feels without him in Greece. The pics are truly hilarious: Mobin took all the chances to show how she missed her dear Huma, incorporating him in her pics (look at those poses!) Did she nail it or what? We can say Huma will have some “unique” memories of his honeymoon trip as will Mobin!



A husband-less honeymoon is not what any of us want experience in life, but what if you have no choice?



“Wish you were here” – Mobin’s pic speaks for itself.

Mobin took her time and shared the trip with her husband trying to visit as many tourist spots as she could.

Still, beautiful places just cannot substitute the great time she would have spent with her husband



Bet Santorini, Crete and Athens haven’t seen a more disappointed face

Think she’s exaggerating? You just didn’t get into a situation like this!

And more of it, the woman somehow managed to also lose her phone in Aegean Sea.



This is what your face looks like when you lose it all.

Good thing her in-laws stayed with her for the whole trip

After posting her photos on Facebook, they became viral almost instantly



Thousands of people felt her pain!

After the gallery became popular, it got a lot of appreciation but also negative comments were left. Does Huma care? She loves her husband and this is the most important thing!