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10 Most Insane Hurricane Irma Photos


Hurricane Irma did some serious destruction – over 25% of homes in the Florida Keys were totally flattened. But where there is a powerful natural disaster, there is a powerful community who will persevere in rebuilding and making their ruined land strong again. So we still have hope. But this catastrophic Hurricane is the most intense since 2007, and these wild pictures are here to prove it.



1. In a dismal shot of Key Largo, this half sunken boat connected to mobile homes are struggling to stay above the gray waters that have even started to engulf the picnic tables further up on the shore.



2. The gusts of wind were so powerful that cars were straight up overturned – this looks like a collision accident, but it was just the angry winds of Florida hurling vehicles upside down as if they were toy cars.



3. The torrential rains and insanely strong winds even tore up mobile homes, exposing the insides – this closet is wrecked and just the mattress and TV lie intact, while the ceiling and walls remain ripped apart.



4. This Miami resident is finding the silver lining in the daunting clouds of Hurricane Irma, with the gusts levitating his feet off the air in a surreal moment. Bet he felt like Harry Potter. Well, at least he was dressed for the occasion! The lady to the left doesn’t seem as excited.




5. The palm trees looked like a bad “Shutter Island” fever dream with their tops leaning to the left. We’re not sure how they haven’t been uprooted yet, but it probably happened not too long after this shot was taken. Wouldn’t want to be walking down that street!

6. Irma even wreaked havoc on a gas station in North Redington beach. Thank goodness there were no cars nearby this incident or they would have been bludgeoned.



7. This tugs at our heart strings – A father pulls his son along in a cooler while mom helps from behind. You can see the perseverance and strength behind this little family’s eyes, and we hope that they’re doing ok.



8. This shot is so dynamic – the blue sky and palm trees are such a dreamy tropical background, until you look down at the rubble of the motor home beneath, which is barely recognizable as a home. Sending positive thoughts to the owner of this house.



9. Remember those trees that were somehow not uprooted? This is either the after shot, or these trees didn’t have such a strong foundation. Street signs are also strewn about – we hope those buildings are still standing today. This is some epic “Day After Tomorrow” stuff, guys.



10. The hurricane made its way over to St Martin, where this woman is carrying coveted water. Ruins are scattered around and residents have no choice but to helplessly observe the chaos around them.