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Half Face Makeup Challenge Took The Internet by Storm


Half Face Makeup Challenge 1The half face makeup challenge or, as it’s also known, “The Power of Makeup” challenge has been taking over the internet lately. The main rule of this challenge is to only put makeup on half of your face. What kind of makeup look you’re going for doesn’t really matter. You can either do an everyday natural look, or you can go all out and create the most surreal makeup look that will transform your face completely.



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Half Face Makeup Challenge 4 Wearing a lot of makeup has become almost shameful recently. We’re often told that people who wear a lot of makeup have self-esteem issues and that they’re really insecure. Another version if that people who like wearing a lot of makeup just don’t like themselves or their face. Those people constantly get told that what they’re doing is lying to everyone around them, that the way they use makeup is misleading, that they’re trying to fool people into believing that they look different than they actually do.



The Power of Makeup challenge is here to prove those accusations wrong. The point of this challenge is to show that makeup is just fun and it’s a form of expression. That’s why a lot of people decided to post pictures on Instagram and post videos on Youtube showing themselves putting makeup on one half of their face and leaving the other half bare.




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Half Face Makeup Challenge 7It’s supposed to show people that while makeup gives us the power to change how we look, it doesn’t define us as humans. You can draw on bigger lips, put on fake eyelashes and contour your face to perfection, but the people who do it, don’t do it to fool anyone. It’s just a bit of fun.



It’s a way to experiment and express yourself. Just because you like playing around with makeup and creating different makeup looks everyday doesn’t automatically mean you don’t like the way your face looks without makeup. It doesn’t mean that you don’t love yourself the way you are.