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Hilarious Tinder Conversation That Lasted 3 Years


How long do your interactions on Tinder usually last? But let’s be real, it probably takes you less than a second to swipe left or right. And even if both you and the person you swiped right on match – there’s no guarantee you’re actually going to talk. If you’re really lucky – you might have a short chat before you end up either forgetting to answer, moving on to swipe on other people, or just abandoning the whole thing altogether. It’s extremely rare for people to have meaningful conversations on Tinder. If your first message doesn’t spark immediate chemistry – you move on.



So what would you say if we told you that Josh and Michelle have been having a conversation on Tinder for 3 years? But it’s not like they just kept talking non stop about this and that and boring life events. No, these two kept a joke running for 3 years!



It all started when Josh messaged Michelle with a simple “hey Michelle” and it took her 2 months to reply with “sorry my phone died”. Most people would just ignore something like this. But Josh took it as a joke and then waited a couple of months to reply to it. Their hilarious convo, made up of ridiculous excuses with months in between continued for 3 years, until Tinder couldn’t take the suspense any longer. After Josh posted screenshots of their conversation on Twitter, Tinder got in touch and suggested it’s time for these two lovebirds with a great sense of humor to meet in real life. What’s more, Tinder said it would send them both on a vacation to Hawaii for their first date. How cool is that? If you ask me, this seems like a sitcom script waiting to be shot. Perhaps it could be the new, revamped version of “How I Met Your Mother”.



Take a look at the date stamps.



It only took him a couple of months to respond.



They did apologize about their tardiness.



Can you tell he’s over the moon about this girl. I mean he’s bragging about it on Twitter.




Tinder interjects with a surprise.

How would you react if you got this message?



Good advice, Tinder. This “relationship” already took a while.



It really is pretty freaking cool.



Best first date ever, wouldn’t you agree? We just hope that it goes well.



Twitter is rooting for the young couple.



It’s fate, it’s destiny – they both like cats.