J-Lo Stunned the Audience With Her Magical Dress – Her Beauty

J-Lo Stunned the Audience With Her Magical Dress


March 19, the top 11 American Idol contestants took the stage again; but let’s be honest this time stunning Jennifer Lopez stole the show! She not only sounded great, but she also looked literally magical.

While performing a new song, from the animated movie ‘Home’, “Feel the Light” Jennifer appeared in a white dress – the skirt of the dress was 20 feet (6 meters) in diameter – and the dress started to project scenes from the ‘Home’ movie, starry skies and other fascinating special effects. It was a delightful and unforgettable performance! Some of us can even call this an achievement of technology, science and beauty all rolled into one; a really magical moment.


The idea to incorporate the movie into the dress using overhead projection is something we’ve never seen before, and as it turned out Jennifer Lopez and her costume designer Mariel Haenn had had this idea for quite some time. Lopez was waiting for the right moment and “Home” was the place to use the idea. We are so glad she finally did it, because it was very special performance.
Once again Jennifer proved she’s on top of her game and continues to have huge inspiration in all that she does professionally! Keep it up, Jennifer!