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Katy Perry Knows How To Hustle: She’s The Highest-Paid Woman in Music


highest-paid-musicians-2015-02 Katy Perry made it to the top of the list of highest-paid musicians of 2015, according to Forbes. Yes, this year it’s not Lady Gaga or Beyonce, not even One Direction. Katy Perry managed to earn quite a huge sum of $135 million this year, and she didn’t even have an album out or anything. How did she do it then? Her enormous earnings are mostly thanks to her Prismatic tour and some well done deals with Coty, Claire’s and Covergirl. You go girl, well done!



highest-paid-musicians-2015-03 It’s not easy to earn money for musicians these days. What with everything being available online and people streaming music, these days musicians make most of their money by touring. And what a tour Katy had this year! We all saw the amazing costumes and decorations at Katy’s concerts. It’s quite clear that Katy Perry poured all of her heart into this tour and put in a lot of hard work into it. She did a great job! Every single concert was amazing and perfect in its own way. All of that hard work paid off very well for Katy, she made around $2 million in every city. Not bad, right?



highest-paid-musicians-2015-04 In case you’re wondering who came in second – it’s One Direction. They made around $130 million this year. Not bad for a boy band, right? You’d think with the amount of fangirls they have they’d be at the top.




highest-paid-musicians-2015-05 Garth Brooks, the country icon, followed with $90 million.



highest-paid-musicians-2015-06Taylor Swift came in fourth, having made $80 million. She’s actually making even more money with her tour, around $4 million in some cities. So there’s a chance she might replace Katy next year.



highest-paid-musicians-2015-07 The legends of rock, the Eagles took fifth place with $73.5 million.