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Lena Dunham Is Proud Of Her Moves!


Too proud of my moves not to share this special GIF @jackantonoff made ?

Видео опубликовано Lena Dunham (@lenadunham)

If you haven’t seen this notorious Lena moment, where have you been? Lena Dunham posted a GIF (or shall we say a gift) of herself on Instagram. You can see her dancing around in nothing but her underwear, being her confident self. Trying to describe her moves would be tricky, so you just have to see it. Let’s just say Lena captioned the GIF with “Too proud of my moves not to share this special GIF.”

Lena Dunham is known for flaunting her curves. She doesn’t care that she doesn’t have the body of a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Few people do. So it’s always refreshing and quite liberating to see someone who looks normal enjoying themselves and showing off their body. Gives the rest of us hope! We’re used to being ashamed of what we look like; never slim enough, always wanting to lose some weight or look thinner. Most of us constantly see these flawless actors and actresses – we idolize them and strive for that unattainable goal, when someone just as gorgeous like Lena is telling us it’s ok to be ourselves.


It’s nice to see people like Lena Dunham not worry about stupid things like being a perfect size zero. This isn’t the first time she’s been seen almost naked. In fact, she appears completely nude on her show ‘Girls’ quite frequently. She’s like a breath of fresh air. We should all take a leaf out of her page and try to just enjoy ourselves no matter what we look like. All bodies are beautiful in their own way.

Going back to the GIF she posted on Instagram – the reactions have been mixed. Most of her fans thought it was hilarious! Some people commented saying she looks great, and of course there were some hateful comments as well. What do you think?