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The 2015 Great Dress Debate Rages On


The 2015 Great Dress Debate Rages On

Late winter 2015 – Friday, February 27 to be exact – will never be forgotten anywhere on our planet earth. The whole web was abuzz about “The Dress” – was it blue/black or was it white/gold or some minority views also surfaced olive-green/purple-blue. And then came the theories on Satanic intervention was one thread out there to confuse us and conflict all of us demonically. It’s like a nouveau Shroud of Turin!

I’ll come clean and tell you that I’m one of the folks in the ‘blue/black’ camp. I swear I still can’t imagine how it could possibly be white/gold in color. By the way the Herbeauty team is also divided and we couldn’t come to terms the whole day. It was thoroughly flogged among team members with all of us trying to fathom what appeared to be a simple choice, but which turned out to be a mind-bending phenomena that consumed the whole net. The fact that one single image of ‘The Dress’ could polarize people and divide our office into two aggressive opinionated camps didn’t permit us to leave work in a peaceful, harmonious mood going into the weekend. Here are the top facts and theories about ‘The Dress’ that can hopefully help us all sleep tight this weekend.

The 2015 Great Dress Debate Rages On1. ‘Whoa Wow Wow’
The story that lit up the Internet started with a Tumblr user ‘swiked’ who had uploaded this crazy image with a caption to help her to determine the dress color because her friends couldn’t agree at all. Bully for you ‘swiked’! Maybe a case where swinked folks are color blind? That’s my smile moment to kick off the following lucid points of analysis.

The 2015 Great Dress Debate Rages On2. The Primal Biology&Phsychologycal Theory
The way a person interprets the dress has to do with a wide range of physiological factors.

Such as:

different interpretations of how the scene was illuminated:
the way our brain perceives the lighting in the room where the dress was show-cased:
the personal/individual psychological frame: How did your brain processes the image – based on your mood, fatigue factor for Friday afternoon and even the food and drinks that have been taken by the particular individual – too many Cokes and bags of Cheetos during the work day can cause you to see things; like getting a hit of bad acid those Cheetos!

To make a long story short our brains can act as a filter, favoring certain colors and discounting others. This is getting scientific and complicated folks! Can it be that our brain functions as a cache and chooses the color in the least populated part of the cache. That’s why our perception differs.

The 2015 Great Dress Debate Rages On3. The Scientific Theory
The number one terrifying fact is that even scientists aren’t entirely sure what color the dress is. But nevertheless science needs to weigh in on this issue…

According to Isaac Newton’s Theory of Light’, color is not inherent in an object’. The individual perceives the colors reflected on the surface of the object through the light that hits the retina. This means that the more light traveling through a glass (prism), the more distorted it will become.
Jay Neitz, PhD, at the University of Washington said the color can change how you perceive colors within that light. He was pretty sure that the lens of our eye changes throughout our life and it becomes less sensitive over the years. But this this argument is not so relevant because most of the debate on the Dress’ color is occurring among the people of the same basic age group. That’s why after he saw the stats on color perception it seemed he was unable to explain exactly what was happening with this spine-shivering phenomena.
The neuroscientist Bevil Conway of Wellesley College explained it this way:‘People either discount the blue side, in which case they end up seeing white and gold, or discount the gold side, in which case they end up with blue and black.’


The 2015 Great Dress Debate Rages On4. This is what ‘went viral’ really means
470 million articles about the color-changing dress were posted during a 24-hour period.

The 2015 Great Dress Debate Rages On5. The Netizens’ debates
The Instagram, Tumblr and FB users went totally crazy debating the dress color. They have already created the new range of mems, funny phrases, messaging printscreens, etc.
You can find them all with the following hashtags:

The 2015 Great Dress Debate Rages On6. Hollywood guys are also freaking out
Celebs couldn’t stay indifferent to this hysteria. God Bless you Justin Bieber for your ‘black and blue’ opinion!

The 2015 Great Dress Debate Rages On7. Dressiznes’ voting
The dress debate went pretty deep on the net. Worldwide there were a multitude of sites that devoted a huge amount of content to the discussion, local, friendly, social media and office opinion polls were everywhere. The latest results are:

White and gold – 72%
Blue and black – 28%

The 2015 Great Dress Debate Rages On8. What Is A True color?
Meanwhile the original model of the mysterious dress that caused so much fuss is revealed. In reality it’s a black and blue item from a shop called ‘Roman’. I think now we can call it the ‘Royal Dress’ LOL. Even The Kate Middleton’s wedding dress didn’t create such worldwide chaos as this innocent multicolored gown.

Gideon Lichfield at in their Saturday edition summed it up best:

“The dress was just an optical illusion. It became #TheDress because everyone could see it, and wanted to know what other people were seeing, and could find out, and tell each other, instantly. While websites vied to profit from their curiosity (and some succeeded hugely), they were just riding the wave. The wave itself was hundreds of millions of moments of direct, unmediated communication, the raw collective power of a society talking to itself—the internet as the ultimate public square.”

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