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The Baby Name Is Revealed: Welcome Saint West!


Just yesterday we were wondering what Kim and Kanye going to name their son. We were really close to guessing correctly. Kim announced the name on Twitter. Everyone welcome Saint West! Quite an interesting name, right? I bet the “Yeezus” rapper is very proud. The reasons why Kim and Kanye decided to name their son Saint is really simple. It’s supposed to signify that he’s a blessing to them.

After such a difficult pregnancy, no wonder this kid feels like a blessing. Kim has said on many occasions that this pregnancy was very difficult for her and she didn’t feel great while being pregnant. For some people it’s a great 9 months of feeling wonderful, beautiful, powerful and even sexy. It wasn’t like that for Kim. She felt uncomfortable the whole time. Plus there were some complications.


In fact, the baby was positioned the wrong way and that meant that there was a chance Kim might have to undergo a C-section, which made Kim feel very anxious. To avoid the C-section Kim had to undergo a procedure called an external cephalic version. It’s very unpleasant and requires the doctor to manually turn the baby in your womb. There’s always risks that something will go wrong and then she’d have to have an emergency C-section. Fortunately, nothing went wrong and the external cephalic version was successful. According to Kim, her procedure included 3 doctors with no pain medication, so we can only imagine how painful and uncomfortable that was.

After all of that, Kim finally gave birth to her baby boy, the natural way, without needing a C-section. Having gone through all that, finally seeing her baby must’ve felt like a blessing.
Let’s just hope Saint West doesn’t let his name go to his head.