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The First Official Photo Of All Female Ghostbusters Has Been Revealed!


Ghostbusters is a classic. There isn’t a person who hasn’t seen it, and if there is, shame on them. Rebooting a classic is always tricky. It’s scary, you have to take a great movie and then somehow make it better. It doesn’t always work out. There are so many fans out there, and it’s difficult to please them all. However, it looks like that’s not the case with the Ghostbusters reboot. This movie promises to be amazing.

How could it not be? With an all new, all female, and all badass cast, the Ghostbusters are getting a great reboot that is bound to make us all proud. As we already know, the previously all male Ghostbusters will now be played by awesome ladies, namely Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, Kristen Wiig, and Leslie Jones. And let me tell you, these ladies look like they’re about to kick some serious ass on this picture.


However, this isn’t the only picture that’s been released. Previously we’ve seen a picture of the new Ghostbusters car. The new Ecto-1 looks awesome, and very retro, just the way I like it. And that ghostbusters sign at the back, doesn’t that just make your heart skip a beat? There are bound to be some fans who’ll say that it’s not an exact copy, but come on, it looks amazing and it’s supposed to be a little different, that’s the whole point of a reboot!

Finally, a picture of the new proton pack has been revealed a while back on twitter, by Paul Feig himself. Just in case you’re a super devoted fan with millions of question, the picture is annotated. Now you know exactly what each of the proton pack is.
Now all that’s left is for us to sit tight and wait for the trailer.