The Internet Is Whitewashing Black Celebs, And Its Not Ok – Her Beauty

The Internet Is Whitewashing Black Celebs, And Its Not Ok


There’s some pretty entertaining photoshopped images of celebrities out there that make us giggle. Unfortunately, this isn’t one of them. Moreover, we don’t really see the point. Someone on the internet thought it would be ok to photoshop black celebrities with white skin and saying they would be prettier.



Whitewashing has occurred in the media before due to society’s messed up beauty standards. Black woman are already photoshopped shades lighter in different magazines, due to apparent “lighting” issues, so they don’t need any more cards stacked against them. This is just flat out racist.

We’re so happy that social media’s anti-trolls came to the rescue of the stars, and why wouldn’t they? Rihanna and Beyonce are some of the most gorgeous black women out there. We suppose that any photoshopping of a celebrity can be cruel and offensive, but this one really took the cake.



The beyhive and die-hard Rihanna fans came to the star’s defense when Twitter user @alexgracious decided it would be cool to heavily whiten Rihanna’s skin with the caption “Rihanna would look so much more beautiful if she was white”.




Rihanna didn’t even need to say anything (though she did block the user on Twitter), and instead, Twitter users came to her defense and commenting to pile positive comments on top of racist, ignorant drivel.



Not to mention – some of the photoshopped pictures of her and Beyonce reinvented as “white” were definitely not pretty, and more on the really creepy side. Their faces are void of all coloring and it makes them look like a “Twilight” character gone wrong. The pics should be captioned “wouldn’t Rihanna/Beyonce look so much better as a vampire?” with these trolls’ photoshop skills. Also, those blue eyes…real creepy.



The trolls must just be jealous that they’re not as cute as Beyonce or Rihanna, and in the 2017 age of Trump, people thought their horrendous opinions would be validated. Luckily, these two have hoards of fans and if they come for anyone else, we hope that the good guys of the Twitter army come with even more ammunition.