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What If all Grown-Up Kevin McCallister from Home Alone Was Your Uber Driver?


Have you ever thought what happened to “the cutest f****** 8 year old in the Universe’, when he grew up? – No? Then you have a chance to see him now!
Jack Dishel, a former guitarist of The Moldy Peaches and a husband of Regina Spektor, created the new web series about Uber riders. The idea came to his head when he was recording a new album with his current band Only Son. Dishel says: “I took Uber and Lyft to the studio every day, I kept having these strange conversations with the drivers all the time.” Coming to the studio, he was telling these stories to the musicians and they had lots of laugh. So, he decided to film all these crazy stories in the :DRYVRS.

Dishel invited his friend Macaulay Culkin to take part in the first episode of his series named “Just Me In The House By Myself”. Macaulay is actually playing Kevin McCallister who is all grown-up now and is clearly traumatized by the events that took place in his childhood.


He starts his monologue: “How about this? Its’ Christmas time. It’s f****** Christmas, and your whole family goes on vacation, right?” And they forget their 8-year-old f****** son… their 8-year-old son all by yourself, in the house, for a week.” “I had to fend off two psychopath home invaders,” he goes on. “I was just a kid. I mean, I still have nightmares about this bald, weirdo dude chasing me around, talking like Yosemite Sam. ‘I’m gonna pull your fingernails out! I’m gonna get you, you little scamp!’” Then suddenly a carjack appears and points his gun at Jack Dishel, who plays the Uber casual passenger. This moment Culkin says “You picked the wrong car, my friend” and quickly improvises a weapon from a metallic hanger and a car lighter and… well, you need to see by yourself what happened next!

Anyway, it was nice to see Macaulay Culkin on screens again. He looks kind of hipsterish, but nice and healthy. We’re really glad he’s back!