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#WhoWoreItBetter: 12 Pictures Of Baby Vs Model


You know how often you can find pictures of celebs online wearing the same dress with #whoworeitbetter ? Well, a creative mother found a better use for this hashtag. One day Katina Behm was dressing her toddler son Audie and she just couldn’t get the shirt onto him. Seeing her baby in an unbuttoned shirt made her think that he belonged on a cover of a magazine or a cover of some romance novel. It was hilarious, but more so, she realized that her model brother Aristotle Polites probably has a similar picture of himself on his Instagram. So she took a quick snap of her kid, then found a similar picture of her model brother, created a collage and sent it to all of her family, captioning it with “who wore it better?”


Since everyone loved that picture and found it hilarious, Katina decided to take more pictures and create an Instagram account to post these, and tease her model brother a little. You can now see the adorable and funny result @babyandthebody.


Katina says her brother Aristotle approves of her little project. He know’s it’s just a silly joke and doesn’t take himself too seriously, and her baby Augie enjoys posing for the camera too. Who knows, perhaps in a couple of years Aristotle will have a little competitor, but for now it’s all good fun.



1. That smoldering look, that black and white shot, the shirtless model. Who do you think we’re talking about here?



2. Basketball pros. How does little Augie look even more badass than his model uncle?



3. All black everything. An outfit that will make everyone look amazing.



4. You gotta work on that body.

5. Down on the ground, working on their abs and arms. Give me 100 pushups.




6. Modeling is grueling work. Gotta stay hydrated.



7. Just chilling in the sun with some cool shades on.



8. You know what goes well with a nice pair of jeans? Nothing. They’re best worn when shirtless.

9. You know what’s funny? That both of their feet are out of shot. Something tells me both of them had a little help staying up like that.



10. Leather jackets. Cause they’re bad boys for life.



11. We’re too cool for paparazzi. Glasses on, we mean business.



12. All the girls will be yours, both in adult world and in the kindergarten.