10 Biggest Dating Turn Offs For Guys

So, you’ve finally landed the date of your dreams with a guy that seems like Mr. Perfect. What’s next? Now is the time to take a moment and look back at all your dates that have gone wrong. It’s okay when people don’t match and mutually decide to not see each other, but more often than not we, girls, end up wondering what went wrong and why that Mr. Perfect simply vanished from the face of the Earth. Well, there are a few reasons for that, some of which are obvious, while others are less so. You might not notice it, but there are things that can turn a guy off in a matter of seconds. He won’t run away screaming, of course, but chances are he will never contact you again. Here are 10 biggest dating turn offs for guys.



Don’t stare at your phone
It is quite obvious, but we want to remind you nonetheless – you’ve decided to spend some quality time with an actual human being, not your gadget. The more nervous you get, the more you are likely to find refuge in this simple escape. To avoid temptation try turning it off completely and see where it gets you. The guy will be pleasantly surprised, that’s for sure.



Don’t ask too many questions
Dates are supposed to be effortless and easy-going. Questions should appear naturally, so don’t turn your date into interrogation. He’s not a criminal and you won’t make any of you happier if you bombard him with questions ranging from his finances to exes, family, and the meaning of life. It takes time to get to know a person, but if he’s not your cup of tea it’ll become evident pretty soon.


Don’t go ahead of things
Girls tend to rush into things because when relationships feel good they just want to experience more. For most men it takes time to get used to being with someone. If you are already at the stage of staying at his house occasionally, don’t go around leaving your things without discussing things first with him. Guys are very territorial and when he’s ready to have your things in his home, he’ll probably say so. Otherwise, just ask him if it’s okay.



Don’t take selfies all the time
Guys don’t really like selfies that much, at least not like most girls do. Girls can go overboard with selfies and take them literally everywhere. Guys value all those intimate moments with you and most of the time are not comfortable sharing them with the world. If you are really keen on taking selfies with your BF, make sure you ask him first. Just in case!


Don’t play games
Most of the time guys understand what’s going on even if you feel you’re being cunning and intellectual in your manipulations. If you really like the guy, just drop all that nonsense and be sincere about who you are and what you want. Don’t try to make him jealous flirting with other guys – these things never lead to anything good.



Don’t be clingy
At a certain stage of relationship you naturally want to spend more time together. It can be hard to say whether you’re going overboard with that or not. Just pay attention to your boyfriend and don’t hesitate to ask if something feels off. In general, men like their space, and frankly speaking, you should, too. Don’t be afraid to spend some time apart – it will only add a certain spark to your relationship!


Don’t talk about yourself all the time
If you’ve just started dating it’s important to be able to listen to what he has to say. One of the biggest turn offs for guys is when a girl is focused only on herself and makes everything he says about her, not him. Listening to another person is a skill you should master before you even start dating other people. Listen to your friends, family, people who just need someone to talk to. You’ll see how interesting it is!


Don’t get too serious
You might think he’s the One and start planning your future together right away, but that is something that will definitely turn your guy off or even scare him away. Let you relationship unfold in its natural way and just enjoy being with the guy you like. There’s no need to start planning a wedding after the second date.



Don’t try too hard
It’s good that you like the guy, but trying too hard will just make him cringe. How do they know? Guys can always tell! None of us are perfect, so trying too hard to show only your best side looks a bit unnatural. It may be okay on a first date, but you should relax more as your relationship develops.


Don’t take him for granted
If he’s being chivalrous – show him that you care! He’s not doing it to get a certain reaction, but guys like the feeling of being appreciated and that’s really not so hard to do since you actually like all those little things he does for you. Smile, say ‘thank you’ and let him know that you are happy.